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Why You Need Porta-Potties at Your Construction Site

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Why You Need Porta-Potties at Your Construction Site

Every construction site has different qualifications, depending on the job. Some require a specific set of tools and equipment. Others require a certain number of workers and hours. All construction sites have one constant: portable bathrooms. Every site needs at least one, and we can tell you exactly why you need porta-potties at your construction site.

Improves Sanitation

It’s no secret that construction sites aren’t the cleanest workplaces, considering the work that gets done. However, this doesn’t mean the crew members need to add to the mess. The outdoors are not meant to be public toilets.

Crew members need a place to use the restroom without adding to the waste generated on or near the site. A porta-potty is a perfect solution. Install porta-potties on your site for workers to do their business, and keep it contained within the walls of that unit.

Protects Client Privacy

Suppose your next construction job is on a residential property. Regardless of the work you and your crew are doing on the site, a barrier of privacy should be in place. The client isn’t required to open up their bathroom to you and your team.

It would be considered good manners if they did, but it’s not a requirement. It’s better for everyone if the privacy between the client and crew remains intact. Keeping portable restrooms on site makes things easier for everyone. The client doesn’t need to worry about your crew walking through their house to use the restroom, and the crew doesn’t need to travel far from their work or ask permission to use the bathroom.

Increases Productivity

Productivity is of the utmost importance on a construction site. Getting sidetracked or losing focus can result in an overextended timeline. Construction jobs are already long enough—you don’t want to add more days because of something as simple as using the bathroom.

Believe it or not, taking time to stop and find a restroom can stack up and put everything behind schedule. A porta-potty right on site that anyone can use easily will keep things running smoothly on the construction site.

Preserves the Environment

That’s right! Porta-potties are good for the environment. Construction sites have a bad rep when it comes to carbon footprints and eco-friendliness. Construction sites generate a lot of waste; there’s no secret to that. Site managers should do their part to decrease waste by recycling and reusing materials.

You can go beyond this. Portable bathrooms preserve water and minimize waste. They do their part in ways people didn’t even imagine. Fewer flushes go a long way for our Earth. Take a look at our portable toilet rentals at Floods Royal Flush and see how you can do your part to preserve the environment.

Don’t kid yourself. Your construction site needs porta-potties, and more importantly, you need them from us. For more information, visit our website.

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