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6 Considerations When Renting Luxury Restroom Rentals

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6 Considerations When Renting Luxury Restroom Rentals

Don’t just go with the first option when renting a restroom trailer. It’s not like picking out an order from a fast food menu. Renters need to take their time choosing the correct one that caters to everyone’s needs and goes well with the outdoor occasion. Check out these six considerations when renting luxury restroom rentals.

Size of the Trailer

Bathroom trailers should be spacious. The extra room is one of their best luxuries. They’re far bigger than standard porta potties, and the amenities that come inside make them very good investments. The trailers do come in different sizes as well.

Depending on the need for your trailer, you want the largest size your provider can supply. Some providers have trailers with more than one stall in them. If you plan to host a big event, you may consider that option. Or you could just go with two separate trailers and assign them based on gender.

Purpose of Event

What exactly do you need your trailer for? Knowing the purpose can help narrow down some options for you. For example, if you plan on using the luxury portable restroom for a wedding or anniversary party, you can rent one to accommodate the number of guests.

If the reasons are more long-term, such as a construction job, you need to consider the crew members and maintenance options. You’ll need to rent the trailer for more than a day, which means you’ll have to come up with a cleaning schedule to keep the bathroom in working order.

Location of Event

Don’t make the mistake of renting a trailer and having no place to put it. You can’t rent it, then station it anywhere outside without receiving permission first. Placement requires a permit, and you must look into the specific documents you need.

Furthermore, you want to ensure you place the trailer in an accessible location for everyone. Grass and portable bathrooms rarely mix. It’s always good to find a level surface of concrete or another similar material. Plus, you may need to include a ramp for those with disabilities.

Number of Attendees

The number of people attending the event is crucial. The general rule of thumb is that you should have one portable restroom for every 25 people. Trailers follow that same guideline.

However, if you wish to make your guests more comfortable, you can have an extra trailer on hand. After all, you never know if an emergency will occur and one bathroom will go out of commission.

Price of Trailer

Go through a list of providers in your area. Before settling on one, make sure that their services align with all your needs and that the pricing is within your budget.

Most providers will assign a flat fee for the trailer and the chance of an additional price for the rental time. Here at Floods Royal Flush, we work with all customers to find a deal that works best for them. Our portable toilet trailer rentals are the best in the Midwest region.

Rental Timeline

How long do you plan on renting the bathroom? Timing will factor into pricing and maintenance upkeep. You’ll be responsible for making sure the restroom continues to function.

If the timeline goes past a day, you’ll need to schedule for the maintenance crew to come out. Make sure they provide all the services you need.

Think it through before renting your luxury restroom trailer. All these considerations are for your benefit.

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