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How To Class Up an Outdoor Wedding With a Porta Potty

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How To Class Up an Outdoor Wedding With a Porta Potty

Weddings are beautiful and joyous occasions, and outdoor weddings are even more special. There is something about incorporating natural elements with your special day. It somehow heightens everything, and people always return home with stories to tell.

However, with the event being outside, you may have limited facilities and lavatory options. And now, you’re probably thinking a portable restroom will cramp your style. It’s a fair thought, but it’s not true. You can still class up an outdoor wedding with a porta potty, and we’re going to tell you how.

Focus on the Theme

What’s the theme of the wedding? Following the theme is the key to keeping the event classy. Every area of the venue needs to reflect the theme, whatever it may be. However, don’t do it in a way that will overwhelm the guests. You want to pay attention to the details.

The details make all the difference for an event like this. Areas like napkins, place settings, flowers, tablecloths, and even the bridal party’s clothing will matter to those who attend. You can even tie in the wedding theme with the porta potties by dressing up the area around it.

Exemplary details will have your guests asking how you organized your big day, and it might even give them ideas for their future events. With all their attention and focus on the details, they won’t notice if a portable restroom is crashing the party.

Decorate the Facilities

Even if you train their eyes to focus on other areas of the wedding, this doesn’t mean you should neglect how the portable restroom looks. It’s important to still keep up with appearances. At the end of the day, people will need to use the restroom, and you want to provide them with the best experience possible.

Add Some Lighting

A lot of weddings go well into the evening because it’s hard to get people to go home when the party is so much fun. However, that means it’s extra important to provide adequate lighting for the porta potties. Most portable restrooms come with skylight, but moonlighting isn’t going to cut it.

Consider getting a few LED lanterns or battery-operated candles. You can install the lights on the outside to make them appear more elegant and place the candles inside. This is the perfect setting for the wedding because it assimilates the theme in a subtle and sophisticated way.

Keep It Stocked

No one wants to enter a restroom that doesn’t have toilet paper or napkins. Keep the porta potties well stocked for the entire event. It will show how considerate you are toward your guests. Otherwise, they might assume you don’t have time to cater to the restrooms with everything else going on.

Take it a step further and include disposable wipes on the counter, small bottles of mouthwash, and deodorant. Your guests will feel like they temporarily stepped into a hotel restroom instead of an outdoor one. You can also place the items in small decorative baskets in every unit.

Prevent Odors

The smell is the worst part, and you want to avoid it wrecking the whole day. Make sure that you keep the portable restroom well-maintained. Before it arrives, the company should have cleaned it out internally and externally. Here a Floods Royal Flush, we never supply restrooms in less than pristine conditions.

Furthermore, you’ll want to keep the restrooms well-ventilated throughout the event. From time to time, you might need to crack the door to allow a breeze to flow through. You can also consider adding some potpourri or setting up a fragrance dispenser that shoots out perfume whenever it detects motion or an odor.

Hide It Well

Out of sight, out of mind. It’s a motto that has worked for years, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for your wedding. People don’t need to see the porta potties. After all, there are ways you can inform them of their presence without placing them in center stage.

Place the units downwind and away from the guests. But don’t make it difficult for them to find. You can include a few signs directing people to the facilities. Make sure the signs are decorative and festive! For example, you can add a cute, quirky message to make the experience even more classy and elegant.

Consider adding protective fencing around the units or creating a door for entering. This gives the illusion that the bathrooms are indoors. Just make sure the design of the barriers coincides with the theme of the wedding. Remember that the details matter!

Consider an Upgrade

Sometimes all the decorations and sprucing up you do doesn’t make much of a difference. People will still recognize a porta potty for what it is. And when that happens, there’s only one thing left to do: purchase a luxury restroom trailer rental. Luckily for you, we have a decent amount to choose from.

The reason for the purchase is in the name. These trailers are luxurious, and you can’t compare them to standard portable restrooms. This is the exact lavatory option your wedding deserves because manufacturers designed these trailers with glamorous events in mind.

The inside is far more spacious and gives guests the room they need to stretch out while they take care of their needs. The interior also comes equipped with a flushable toilet, running sink, trash bin, and full-length mirror. This way, your guests can use these trailers to freshen up.

With these trailers, you don’t need to worry about supplying everyone with an extra hand washing station because the sink should suffice. However, we recommend you consider adding a few hand sanitizer stations to the surrounding area for guests to keep themselves clean.

Lastly, have more than one restroom on the premises to make the day more convenient and comfortable for everyone. Even if you only have 50 guests, two trailers are better than one. It cuts out the need for lines and keeps the facilities cleaner.

Your outdoor wedding will be the talk of the social circle, especially with making the porta potty section classy. For more information, visit our website.

How To Class Up an Outdoor Wedding With a Porta Potty

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