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Rent handwashing stations for any occasion.

The portable sink is perfect for any event or construction site.

With its compact size, it will easily fit inside most portable restrooms for easy transport, and thanks to its built-in lift handles, rental handwashing stations are easy to place in your designated restroom area. Our portable handwashing stations feature two soap dispensers and two paper towel dispensers. The goal of our handwashing station rentals is to ensure that you have everything you could need regarding hand sanitization for the workers or patrons of your disadvantaged business enterprise.

With the ability to be picked up and moved to wherever you see fit, you never have to worry about last-minute room designs stopping you from having washing stations readily available. This allows for all kinds of flexibility regarding where you want your event’s focus to be, as the hand sanitization aspect can now be readily available regardless of your event’s hotspot. Not to mention, it will bring comfort to your workers and guests to see that you have the means to actively move around and put effort into placing sanitizing stations wherever they’re needed. At their heart, our portable sink rentals are nothing more than peace of mind for not only you but all the individuals you are hosting when it comes to staying sanitized.

We understand that many people are still sensitive to germs and bacteria in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to help ease that burden for disadvantaged businesses. So, take the stress out of keeping everyone’s hands clean and give Floods Royal Flush a call today to rent handwashing stations for your next event. We’ll be happy to provide more information and help you make the most informed decision for your event’s sanitation needs.

Encore - PolyJohn

The all new Encore portable sink has been designed to meet the needs of operators, and the end user alike. With many improvements compared to past models, the Encore is our best single user standalone sink yet.

Features include:

  • Separately rotomolded sink basin eliminates the possibility of cross contamination
  • Molded in base plate that makes the unit sturdier
  • Conforms to full forearm submersion regulations
  • Blue quarter turn fresh water fill port
  • Rubber tread wheels
  • Two convenient drain ports. One for fresh water and one for gray water.
  • Large hatch to gray water tank

Heated Bravo

Bravo® Heated Portable Sink

PolyJohn’s Heated Bravo portable sink provides warm-water handwashing and sets the standard for comfort, convenience, and style. The Heated Bravo is newly redesigned with several features to improve its usability and durability, including:

  • Reinforced Rod Hinges
  • Integral Keyless Locking Hasp
  • Improved Soap Dispenser Plates to Mix & Match Dispenser Types
  • Improved Handles for Easier Movement
  • New Fill Port
  • New Rotomolded Sink Base

HandStand 2

HandStand™ 2 Standard Portable Sink

The HandStand 2 Sink is being slowly phased out during the beginning of 2021 and being replaced by the all new Encore Portable Sink.

Parts will still be available for replacements on your existing HandStands.


Features include:

  • Nearly 300 uses on a single fill-up
  • Capacity: 17-gallon fresh water, 19-gallon grey water
  • Moves like a hand truck – use the built-in handle to tilt the HandStand2 back onto its non-marking rubber wheels and roll away
  • Extra-large basin allows for full forearm immersion
  • OSHA-compliant
  • Lightweight – only 189 pounds when filled with water
  • Drain hose included for hassle-free, quick clean-out
  • Easy to store thanks to slim profile
  • Foot pump for hygienic, “hands-free” operation
  • Liquid soap and paper towel dispensers included
  • 500 towel capacity (1 roll or 500 single-fold towels)

Advantages over other sinks:

  • Roll-and-go sink on wheels is ideal for tight spaces and hard-to-access areas – even when filled with water!
  • Hands-free foot-pump operation, soap dispenser, and paper towel dispenser meets everyone’s handwashing needs.
  • Only one person is required to move the HandStand2™ – tilt the unit back with its built-in handles and steer it like a hand truck!

Note: Non-heated sinks cannot be upgraded to heated versions.

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