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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hand Washing Stations

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hand Washing Stations

Washing your hands is the first line of defense against illness. It solves so many problems that some people aren’t even aware of. Because of its significance, it’s crucial to include an area to clean and sanitize your hands at every juncture, event, and location. Before renting a handwashing station for your next soirée, read up on these do’s and don’ts.

Do: Provide a Pedal Option

People are washing their hands to avoid germs. Therefore, they don’t want to touch surfaces where other people just placed their hands. Even if they are about to wash their hands, it’s best to avoid the possibility.

Make sure your hand washing station operates by the feet. Patrons can step on a pedal to dispense soap and water. They don’t need to use their hands for anything other than sanitizing.

Don’t: Separate It From the Restroom

It makes no sense to set up the handwashing area far away from the bathrooms. If there is no room for the handwashing station, then you need to find a new location for the portable restrooms. Start brainstorming a better area, and keep both stations on level ground.

Establish the portable toilets and handwashing stations where everyone can see them. Sometimes, organizers place a handwashing station nowhere near the restroom so patrons can wash their hands at any given moment. However, this will only confuse someone looking for the bathroom.

Do: Include Other Options

If you want to encourage clean hands throughout the day, consider installing and placing a few of our hand-washing station rentals at your event. Here at Floods Royal Flush, we have a few options to survey.

Hand sanitizing stations are good alternatives. If the line to wash hands is too long, patrons can turn to stations with hand sanitizer. Make sure the dispensers have a sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol, which does the same work as soap and water.

Don’t: Make It Inaccessible

Never place these stations where no one can see or reach them. Remember, attendees might have disabilities, and you don’t want to make this process harder for them.

Avoid placing the stations and restrooms on grass or gravel surfaces. Find a smooth path or make one for patrons that leads to the restroom and sanitation area.

You may think a hand washing station is straightforward, but these do’s and don’ts prove it isn’t. We’ve got plenty of tips for you to follow when it comes to maintaining a clean environment. For more information, visit our website.

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