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5 Reasons To Rent a Portable Handwashing Station

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5 Reasons To Rent a Portable Handwashing Station

The handwashing debate is sort of obsolete at this point. We all know we need to wash our hands, and we know the consequences when we don’t. But what happens when we’re outside and a sink isn’t available? Have no fear—we have the solution! Rent a portable handwashing station! Here are five reasons why you should rent one.

It’s Hygienic

Hygiene is crucial. Say you’re working on a construction site. No, it’s not the most sanitary place, but that doesn’t mean your hands must suffer. Particularly when dealing with toxic materials and chemicals, you need to wash your hands.

Think about when it’s time to take a break and eat lunch. Don’t touch that sandwich until those hands are sparkling. Also, you want to minimize the spreading of germs on the site as much as possible. People won’t need to go off in search of a sink because the station is right on site.

It’s Sustainable

Not many people know how sustainable these units are. They go through hundreds of washes before requiring refills or internal cleaning. Their external surfaces will need proper maintenance often, especially if they’re on a construction site.

Now the job or the event can keep going without requiring immediate service. That’s a very convenient perk for everyone involved. Speak with your provider and let them know the conditions you plan to place the station in. They’ll tell you the best time to get them serviced.

It’s Flexible

Do you want to know why it’s flexible? There’s really only one reason. It’s portable. There aren’t many portable sinks inside residential or commercial properties. This is why handwashing stations have them beat.

Pick them up and transport them wherever you need them to be. And don’t worry about needing to hook them up to a plumbing system. They don’t need it. They’ll work wherever you station them and service whatever crowd they need to.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Something that caters to and helps out the environment is always a plus. Earth is a beautiful planet, and the more we take care of it, the more we get to enjoy it. Most handwashing stations can provide up to 200 fresh washes before requiring cleaning and tank refilling.

That takes so much pressure off the need for fresh water. Fresh water is in short supply, so it’s good to preserve as much of it as possible. Plus, these stations are reusable at any location.

It’s Cost Effective

And at the end of the day, finding new ways to save money will always be a plus. Handwashing station rentals are cost effective. Renting a portable sink is far cheaper than installing a traditional one.

The only cost you need to worry about is the rental fee. The rental company will cover the installation, removal, refill, and maintenance.

At Floods Royal Flush, we want to ensure your hands are clean after every flush. So rent a portable handwashing station from us today.

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