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4 Benefits of Portable Hand Sanitizers at Holiday Events

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4 Benefits of Portable Hand Sanitizers at Holiday Events

Summer holidays mean spending a significant amount of time outside—most of the celebrations will take place in the great outdoors. Start compiling a list of all the supplies you need for the day, and include portable hand sanitizers. These four benefits prove why you need them at the next holiday event.

Protects Everyone on the Scene

Celebrations are only fun when you party responsibly. Accidents can ruin the mood, so consider small dangers when thinking about safety precautions for your holiday event.

Germ spreading may not seem like a big issue, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world that it is. You wouldn’t want your guests to fall ill days after the event. Minimize this risk by stationing portable hand sanitizers around the event space.

Convenient for Guests

Outdoor events don’t always include a sink; in fact, they rarely do. You might luck out and organize the event near a building with a public restroom, but how far away is that facility from the party? Suppose a friend needed to clean their hands after helping you set up the holiday party. Instead of leaving and missing out on the fun, make things convenient for your guests by placing hand sanitizing stations around the event space.

If your party includes food, your guests will probably want to eat as soon as possible. Leaving them to find public restrooms may seem unfair, especially when that barbecue smells like heaven. Portable hand sanitizers allow your guests to stay close to the fun and keep their hands clean.

Affordable To Rent

Despite what you may think, hand sanitizer station rentals are affordable. You won’t have to break the bank to provide a few for your event. You can rent these units for a day or a week; the cost will vary depending on the number of people attending the event and the number of units you need. At Floods Royal Flush, we fill the dispensers for you!

Portable hand sanitizers are easy for everyone to use. Ask for a quote, and see if the price works with the budget for your holiday event.

Adds a Sophisticated Air

Just because everyone is in shorts and sandals doesn’t mean it’s not a classy event. Outdoor events can be sophisticated, so as an organizer, you need to create opportunities for the sophistication to shine. Portable hand sanitizer stations convey that you care about the well-being of your guests and want to keep them safe. Station these units near the event’s entrance and buffet table, and make them accessible. The path leading to the units should be clear.

The benefits of portable hand sanitizers are worth the purchase for your next holiday event. For more information, visit our website.

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