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4 Tips To Keep Your Portable Restroom Smelling Good

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4 Tips To Keep Your Portable Restroom Smelling Good

“Ew! What is that smell? Is that the porta-potty?” Those are words you never want to hear someone say at your event or job site. And with summer approaching fast, porta-potties are going to be in high demand. But everyone knows these units come with a reputation for smelling terrible. But we have a solution for you. Check out these four tips to keep your portable restroom smelling good.

Check That Back End!

When a foul smell comes from a portable restroom, everyone immediately thinks it has something to do with the inside. That’s partially true, but the toilet isn’t the only area that’s to blame. The holding tank plays a major role.

It holds all that waste, and if it’s starting to reach capacity, then smells will eventually seep out. Inspect and disinfect the tank before use. Adding a disinfectant to the tank breaks down any residual waste and minimizes foul smells. Clean the interior and exterior and give the disinfectant time to work.

Use Only the Best of the Best!

Don’t cut corners and get the cheap stuff. When it comes to toilet maintenance and odor killers, only the best of the best will work. Odor control agents need to last a long time, and getting products that run out after a couple of hours helps no one.

Blue products combat foul smells and eliminate bacteria. They come in three different forms.

  • Liquid blue disinfectant cleans and controls odor in the tank.
  • Dry-toss deodorizing packets provide a potent biocide action and long-lasting fragrance.
  • Anti-microbial fog is an all-around interior disinfectant.

Use one or use them all to pack an extra punch and keep your porta-potty smelling not just tolerable but good.

Let Some Air In!

Sometimes the best thing for these units is some good old-fashioned fresh air. Constantly closing the door and trapping the smells inside doesn’t help anyone. And mother nature is a good agent to have on your side when you want to combat a foul smell.

Set up a schedule to air the units out every hour and prop open the door. Let some fresh air inside for about 30 minutes. That’s plenty of time to let the previous smell out and give the disinfectant a chance to shine bright. Plus, 30 minutes goes by fast.

Call for Back Up!

This is not a one-person job. Keeping portable restrooms smelling good calls for reinforcements. And, sometimes, that comes in the form of air fresheners. You can use various solutions here. For example, you could get Fresh Straps to neutralize odors.

That sounds like a friend you want to have on your side. And you can always call in more assistance from your provider. At Floods Royal Flush, we can come out and service your porta-potty to ensure everything is working and smelly situations stay away.

Keep your portable restroom smelling good so that people can focus on the fun, not the funk.

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