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Why Your Event Needs 2 or More ADA-Compliant Porta Potties

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Why Your Event Needs 2 or More ADA-Compliant Porta Potties

Get ready for bright skies, warm weather, and plenty of outdoor activities. The best season has finally arrived, and everyone is gearing up to spend some time outside at festivals, concerts, block parties, BBQs—you name it. Give the people a summer they won’t forget. As you get the wheels in motion for your big summer bash, remember your event needs two or more ADA-compliant porta potties. Here’s why.

To Accommodate Everyone

Every outdoor event has its own set of factors. And when event planners start to organize and strategize, they need to consider the two most important pillars of every event to finalize bathroom accommodations: head count and food and beverage.

Head Count

Before you decide on the number of ADA-compliant portable restrooms to rent, you need to do a headcount to determine how many porta potties you’ll need in general. Having an appropriate number of restrooms ensures the comfort and safety of all guests.

A good rule of thumb is that you’ll need one porta potty for every 50 guests. But if you want to make things more comfortable, you may want to consider increasing that number. Porta potties already get a bad rap because of their smell, and subjecting 50 people to one restroom doesn’t sound like the best idea.

The same rule applies to accessible portable restrooms. You should place two or more on-site because you never know how many people out of the 50-plus count will have a disability.

Food and Beverage

Next, you need to factor in food and beverage. Is this an event that will serve alcohol? If that’s the case, you need several portable restrooms and ADA bathrooms. Have you ever stopped to wonder why alcohol makes people go to the bathroom so much?

A study conducted by the National Library of Medicine shows that people can produce up to 10 times their average urine output within the first two hours of drinking a moderate amount of alcohol. That number depends on the person’s weight and the amount of alcohol they consumed—but either way, that’s a lot of trips to the bathroom!

So, if you plan to serve food and drinks, you can bet attendees will need a place to relieve themselves. And you don’t want to subject people to long lines because that’s not fun for anyone. Don’t do the bare minimum. Give your guests more restroom options so the party can keep going.

To Meet ADA-Requirements

Aside from thinking about event factors, all events need to adhere to ADA requirements. The ADA outlines specific instructions for providing facilities for Americans with disabilities. They recommend that you provide one wheelchair-accessible portable restroom for every 10 regular portable restrooms.

If you plan to host a festival, concert, or block party, expect to see a large crowd. And the larger the crowd, the more ADA-compliant porta potties you’ll need. The inside of these units needs to be spacious enough for a wheelchair to maneuver around in.

The width needs to be 67 inches and the depth 86.5 inches. That’s roughly 25 square feet larger than a standard portable restroom. These units need to come with a spring-closure door, handrails, and reinforced floors. Each of these features makes going to the bathroom manageable for someone with a disability. Finally, there should be some sort of ramp located in front of the door so wheelchairs can enter and exit the restroom easily.

The Benefits of ADA-Compliant Porta Potties

Finally, ADA-compliant porta potties not only keep your event up to code but also provide more benefits to the event than you may realize. There is no downside to having these units at your event. But if you need more convincing, we have some points to go over.


Not one person is the same as another. This means your event needs to account for every type of person attending it. Having multiple ADA-compliant porta potties automatically makes the event more inclusive for everyone.

By having multiple accessible bathrooms, you are sending a message that every guest is welcome to your event and that you’re a thoughtful and gracious host. Those two points will already put your event in good standing because everyone wants to feel included and considered.


Think about the risk factor that would accompany your event if you didn’t have a few accessible portable restrooms on the site. There could be legal consequences that you don’t want to deal with.

Portable restrooms keep your event safe. If someone has a medical condition that requires them to use an accessible restroom, not having one could put them at risk. Forcing people to use a standard porta potty is dangerous and reckless.


The convenience factor is a big benefit, mainly because accessible restrooms are not just for people with disabilities. A lot of guests can benefit from these units. The lines for the porta potties will be shorter if you have multiple ADA porta potties. And a shorter line means faster access to the bathroom.

No one should be in danger of getting a bladder infection from holding it in too long. Additionally, these units are helpful for people with children. Think about the trouble it is to enter a standard-size porta potty and try to help a child to use the bathroom. Things will get tight rather quickly.

The units are larger enough for two people to enter without being too cramped. And that means they’re big enough for anyone who needs to do an outfit change in case of an emergency.

Location Suggestions

Be particular about where you choose to place ADA-compliant porta potties. Your provider should provide you with a ramp for these units, but if not, you’ll need to create one of your own. The best solution would be to keep these units on leveled ground.

Don’t place accessible porta potties on grass or gravel because it’s difficult for wheelchairs to maneuver on those surfaces. A clear, flat pathway is a better option. Don’t allow any obstacles to block the entrance. People should never have to maneuver over a curb or around something blocking the door.

Your event needs two or more ADA-compliant porta potties, and you need to get them from us. At Floods Royal Flush, we have the units and the customer service. Contact us to learn more!

Why Your Event Needs 2 or More ADA-Compliant Porta Potties

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