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3 Reasons a Portable Restroom Trailer Is Budget Friendly

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3 Reasons a Portable Restroom Trailer Is Budget Friendly

Whether you’re planning an outdoor event or managing a construction site, you’ll need a restroom facility. Your first thought might be to get standard portable restrooms, but renting a portable restroom trailer could be the better option. Before you veto this option, check out these three reasons a portable restroom trailer is budget-friendly.

Year-Round Use

Bad weather is not a problem for portable restroom trailers. They can handle most weather conditions and save you the trouble—and costs—of renting more than one unit in case the weather damages a porta-potty.

These units are ventilated for all weather conditions. Standard porta-potties can handle harsh conditions but don’t have the same features as a restroom trailer. Portable restroom trailers are ideal for areas that experience unpredictable weather.

Plumbing Substitute

Sometimes, you’ll need running water and plumbing for your restroom setups. However, finding such a location for temporary plumbing is very tricky. Luckily, portable restroom trailers solve this issue.

This fully functioning restroom includes a flushable toilet, running sink, full-length mirror, waste basket, and climate control thermostat. It takes the place of indoor bathrooms without the utilities. A water bill won’t apply because a portable restroom trailer does not need to hook up to utility lines.

Strong Structure

Restroom trailers are structurally sound. While they’re not indestructible, they require less maintenance than standard porta-potties. Their stability is their best feature!

These short-term rentals are much more durable than single units. Depending on the length of time you need to rent portable restrooms, the trailer is the smarter choice for long-term conditions, which can benefit your budget.

Standard porta-potties require a lot of cleaning and emptying of the holding tank, which could be an additional fee, depending on the provider and their contract. At Floods Royal Flush, you can preview our portable restroom trailers for rent and decide if they work for you. Visit our website if you want to rent a budget-friendly portable restroom trailer.

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