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4 Tips for Keeping Portable Bathrooms Well Ventilated

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4 Tips for Keeping Portable Bathrooms Well Ventilated

Porta potties are convenient for outdoor events but aren’t known for their flowery smell. But we’re here to break the status quo. The smell inside these units doesn’t need to remain in a constant state of unpleasantness. We have a solution to the problem. Check out these four tips for keeping portable bathrooms well ventilated.

Avoid the Sun

Portable bathrooms and sunlight do not mix. The sunshine might seem beautiful to you and make the day even more joyous, but it’s a nightmare for anyone in smelling distance of a porta potty. The beams and added heat from the sun will make the smells inside these units much stronger and more pungent.

Place the units under shade or create a barrier to block the sun out. Shade and porta potties go way back. The cool area will make the units more comfortable for users. Plus, extreme heat makes it easier for bacteria to grow inside portable restrooms. These are breeding grounds for salmonella, norovirus, shigellosis, and hepatitis A.

Open the Door

This may seem like an obvious tip, but you’d be surprised how many people rule this out as an option. You need to open the doors of the porta potties every now and then. Remember the golden rule: it’s always better out than in. And that applies to all types of gas.

Air these units out by opening the doors for 30 minutes at a time. Whether a strong or gentle breeze passes through, it all helps. Fresh air will always be the best line of defense. The wind sweeps in and gets rid of the smell from previous users. It’s almost like hitting the restart button after every use.

Check Ventilation Pipe

Manufacturers were smart when designing portable restrooms. They knew additional help would be needed, so they designed a ventilation pipe. Porta potties don’t include an exhaust fan like traditional bathrooms, but the ventilation pipe is connected to the holding tank.

As hot gases build up, they rise and exit through the pipe. Check this area often to ensure it’s functioning properly. The cooler air outside the tank will also help with drawing out the warmer, higher pressure inside the tank. Make sure there are no blockages or damage to the pipe that could prevent the ventilation.

Put the Seat Down

We like to keep the seat down in our home bathrooms for different reasons besides portable bathrooms. For these units, it’s important for all users to put the seats down. When the seat is left up, it’s easy for smells to accumulate within the entire unit.

Putting the seat down makes the ventilation pipe from the holding tank to the outdoors more effective. The smell inside reduces. Place signage on the outside of the porta potty rental for users to know to place the seat down after usage.

At Floods Royal Flush, we want to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Keeping portable bathrooms well ventilated is one of our areas of expertise.

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