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3 Benefits of Renting a Holding Tank for Your Outdoor Wedding

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3 Benefits of Renting a Holding Tank for Your Outdoor Wedding

Who doesn’t love a wedding? More importantly, who doesn’t love an outdoor wedding? It’s one of the best events to host outside. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and love is in the air. Everything is perfect—until there’s a malfunction with the portable restroom. Eliminate this possibility by renting a holding tank for your outdoor wedding. We’ve got three benefits to solidify the point.

The Drinks Are Flowing

Weddings are a time for celebration, and during these moments, alcohol is typically present. There’s nothing wrong with drinking as long as it’s done responsibly. However, the increase in alcohol does mean more time in the bathroom.

Alcohol makes people urinate more by blocking the antidiuretic hormone (ADH). ADH is the hormone that keeps you from peeing too much. If you’re serving drinks with at least 13 percent alcohol, you can expect to see a line outside the bathroom.

You’ll need a holding tank to hold all this urine from your guests. Going without could make for a very unpleasant event. The toilet can start to overflow, turning the bathroom area into a war zone.

The Outfits Are Pressed

Weddings are a time to dress to impress. Being outside doesn’t take away from the sophisticated affair. Your guests showed up in their sharpest threads and finest linens, and they want to stay looking good and smelling good.

Don’t force them to enter a portable restroom with a foul smell that might linger on their clothes. Holding tanks are great for keeping those smells locked in. Without a holding tank, we guarantee the portable bathroom will start to smell like a barnyard.

The plastic made from holding tanks is extremely durable and keeps unwanted odors from leaking out. The liquid blue chemicals inside the toilet are not enough defense to keep the porta potty smelling fresh.

The Festivities Are Immaculate

Weddings mean never sacrificing quality over quantity. In fact, there needs to be an equal blend of the two. For your special day, you’ll need more than one portable restroom, and you may need more than one holding tank.

You never want to run into the issue of needing to perform maintenance on the portable toilet during the festivities. The occasion is far too remarkable for that to happen. You won’t have to sacrifice quality at your special event if a waste disposal solution isn’t available.

At Floods Royal Flush, we’ve got holding tank rentals up to 300 gallons. That’s more than enough room to hold the waste from all your guests without needing to constantly service the bathroom area. Besides, no bride or groom wants a toilet to steal their spotlight.

Rent a holding tank for your outdoor wedding because your guests will thank you in the end, and that’s the biggest benefit and reward of them all.

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