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How To Keep Your Porta-Potty Rental From Smelling

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How To Keep Your Porta-Potty Rental From Smelling

Yes, we know the stigma that comes with porta-potties. They must stink because they house waste. If bowel movements could smell like flowers, things would certainly be easier. But unfortunately, that’s not the reality of restroom use. However, there’s no reason why your porta-potties have to stay stinky and unbearable. In fact, we know how to keep your porta-potty rental from smelling!

A Little Fresh Air

A little fresh air never hurt anyone, and it definitely won’t hurt a porta-potty. It’s crucial to air these units out. Keeping those odors locked away and giving them a chance to mix and mingle is a recipe for disaster. That’s a smelly party no one wants to join.

Open up that door and let nature do its job. Airing out the unit makes things more suitable for the next user. Leave the door open for about 30 minutes to an hour regularly. Determine how often you want to do so based on the timeframe of the event and the number of people attending.

A festival with 1000 or more people should air out the rentals as often as possible. Stationing more units is wise, but you will need to determine where the most congested spots are so that you can provide each unit with the appropriate amount of attention.

The swinging door won’t be a problem either. All you need to do is prop the door open with something while the rental airs out. Feel free to direct patrons to another unit while that one airs out.

Deep-Blue Products

That blue color at the bottom of the toilet is your friend. In fact, it’s a porta-potty renter’s best friend because it takes on the toughest task for the porta-potty! This chemical works extra hard to absorb, break down, and clear away the odors from the waste.

These commercial-grade chemicals combat foul smells while eliminating bacteria and other pathogens that could spread disease. Considering how essential these chemicals are, you will want the most effective option for handling the job at your event.

You can choose from three different forms of chemical treatment for your rental. Firstly, you could use a liquid blue disinfectant that cleans and controls odor in the toilet tank. There is also a dry toss deodorizing packet that has a potent biocide action and a long-lasting fragrance, making it perfect for portable restrooms. Finally, there is anti-microbial fog for all-around interior disinfection, which packs a real punch.

We don’t recommend using more than one form of the chemical at once. However, if you want to add a little more anti-smell support, consider placing potpourri inside the units.

Proper Placement

Warm weather is approaching, and that means more outdoor activities will occur. And, of course, more outdoor activities mean more porta-potties. Proper restroom placement will be crucial for any event manager looking to host a gathering in the heat.

Spring and summertime bring a lot of sunshine, and a porta-potty placed in the blazing sun is a bad idea. The heat does nothing but make those odors more potent and powerful. Unfortunately, a warm porta-potty also helps bacteria grow. Poorly managed porta-potties could contribute to the spread of norovirus, salmonella, hepatitis A, influenza, and shigellosis. These illnesses are never welcome, especially at large events.

For any festivals, carnivals, concerts, block parties, and even construction jobsites, it’s crucial to keep your rental out of the sun. Try to find a shady area for the units so that they don’t stink up the joint. If you can’t find a tree, try and create areas of shade. On really hot days, you will want to air the units out as often as possible.

Constant Sanitation

Of course, you couldn’t skip regular cleanings. You will need to constantly clean and sanitize your porta-potties. The best defense is a good offense. Make sure your event has a robust cleaning schedule. The frequent attention will help eliminate smells and keep the units safe for everyone.

You can hire an attendant to clean the units, but you can also take steps to make their job easier. Preventing a mess from happening is always appreciated. Start by stocking the units with paper seat covers. The seat guard protects people from germs and keeps the toilet seat clean. The space will still require a scrub down, but the mess will be more manageable if most guests use this cover.

When cleaning time rolls around, you will want to disinfect every surface of the unit with soap, water, and bleach. Air out the units after a thorough cleaning so that they have a chance to dry properly. Use sanitizing wipes after the rental dries for extra protection. Don’t forget to clean the outer door and walls if you want to really eliminate the unwanted odors.

Restock the unit with paper towels and toilet tissue after cleaning. If there is a sanitizer dispenser, make sure to refill it too.

Tank Maintenance

The best porta-potties come with a friend. The holding tank is a key addition because it holds a lot of waste. The sizes and capacities of the tanks vary. These accessories can hold between 5 and 300 gallons of waste. No matter the size you choose, you will still need to relieve the tank eventually.

Think about it this way: when you try and hold it in, all you do is upset your stomach. When nature calls, you can’t ignore it. The same analogy works for holding tanks. If you don’t dump, inspect, and clean these tanks regularly, a real problem can happen.

For starters, the waste could stay inside the toilet and build up over time. When that happens, no amount of airing out or cleaning chemicals will work to stop the smell. The only solution is to release the waste. Keep a close eye on the holding tank to ensure it doesn’t become too full.

If you’re not sure about what size you need for your event, ask your provider—or better yet, ask us! Here at Floods Royal Flush, we are experts in porta-potty rentals and the holding tanks that come with them. We’re happy to inspect and empty the tank so that your event can continue without an unwanted odor souring the mood.

Porta-potties don’t need to have a bad rep. Following our instructions to keep the rental from smelling is the first step. For more information, visit our website.

How To Keep Your Porta-Potty Rental From Smelling

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