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General Rules About Renting Porta Potties for an Event

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General Rules About Renting Porta Potties for an Event

Outdoor events need portable restrooms, especially ones that plan to host and cater to a large crowd. The same goes for events in areas without an indoor facility close by. Some organizers think all you need to do is find a company that rents out portable restrooms, but there are a few more requirements and logistics behind the process. We can tell you all you need to know concerning the general rules about renting porta-potties for an event.

Permit Qualifications

Depending on the locations and specifications surrounding your event, you’ll need to do some research on the permit requirements. For starters, it’s not possible to rent a portable restroom and occupy the space with the number of units without consolidating with the proper authorities first.

Depending on the company you hire, you might need to show them the permit you ascertained. It will fall under the category of a special event permit. It’s ideal to start this process early on. You don’t want your event to approach quickly before you’ve acquired the proper permits.

Some cities could take a while to approve people for these permits. Once you know you plan to host an outdoor event, visit your local state’s or city official’s office, and ask them what paperwork you need to fill out to get the approved permits.

Duration of Event

Next up, you want to figure out how long your event plans to run. The duration of your event will affect your permit and the pricing of the portable restrooms. Most organizers only consider counting the number of days people will attend your event, but you should widen your scope.

For instance, it’s important to remember to set up time counts in the timeline. It’s not ideal to have the company set up the portable units while guests attend the event, as it does not make for the best scene. You’ll need to them to come in sooner, preferably when other crew members are setting up different areas.

You also need to factor in clean-up and disassembly time. Try to carve out an ample amount of time for the maintenance crews to clean and take down the units, especially if you order multiple porta-potties.

Quote Options

Take a minute to browse through a selection to find exactly what you want. Not a lot of people know that porta-potties come in various forms. Here at Floods Royal Flush, we have more than the standard porta-potty units you see on the street. We have luxury restroom trailers, and more.

You need to consider the type of event you plan to host and the number of people attending. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you have one portable restroom for every 75 people. Increase that number of portable restrooms by one for every additional four hours of your event.

Some organizers choose two for every 75 to avoid long lines and build-up. Others go as far as to calculate how many times people use the restroom a day and figure out an adequate number from there.

Request a quote from your provider once you decide on the number of units you need and the type. We can provide you with a form to fill out listing details concerning event needs. From there, we will contact you with a quote and go over other logistics before signing a contract.

Female-to-Male Ratio

We’ve all heard the common saying, “Women take longer in the bathroom than men.” If you’re hosting an event where the guests RSVP, you might have a good sense of the number of women attending. As such, you should accommodate their habits.

Consider renting out extra porta-potties for them, and keep in mind the needs women attend to that men don’t. If you want to provide further comfort, you can consider having separate units for every gender.

In every unit, consider reminding the patrons how they should treat the facilities. You can place signs outside and inside stating that only toilet tissue should go inside the toilets. They will need to discard other items in a garbage unit inside or close by.

Special Accommodations

Aside from the female-to-male ratio, you should also consider those with special accommodations. For starters, you need to provide units for people with disabilities, and you need to place them in accessible areas.

We recommend you have these units on a flat and even surface. Leading up to the entryway, there should be a ramp that helps the wheelchair go in smoothly. The American Disabilities Act states for every 20 standard portable restrooms, there needs to be one handicap-accessible porta-potty.

Even if you don’t plan to rent 20 porta-potties, it’s still good form to have one ADA compliance restroom on site. You never know who will need it, and it gives you an extra restroom which always comes in handy, regardless of whom it caters to.

Type of Event

As previously stated, the type of event matters most when it comes to renting portable restrooms. You can decide the type of units you want to rent out, and you’ll get a better sense of the location. Naturally, you will be outdoors, but you always need to scope out a good area for placement.

Place them on an even ground level and never have them high up. This placement will help you if bad weather ever occurs. A tipped-over porta-potty is just about the worst thing that can happen at your outdoor event.

Judging on who and what you plan to host, you can also arrange for appropriate hand sanitation accommodations. Your guests will appreciate you for thinking of them in this manner.

Service and Maintenance

You need to hire someone to service and maintain your units properly. We have portable toilet rentals in Chicago that we cater to with the utmost care. Make sure you hire a company that provides a pickup, drop-off, and maintenance service.

Consolidate with them how long you plan to rent the units to create a maintenance schedule. You don’t want the units to go past a week without being properly serviced. They will need cleaning and clearing out, so they can continue to function.

We know a few more general rules about porta-potties and all things sanitation for your event. For more information, visit our website.

General Rules About Renting Porta Potties for an Event

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