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3 Considerations Before Renting a Hand Sanitizer Station

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3 Considerations Before Renting a Hand Sanitizer Station

Hand sanitizer stations are pretty straightforward contraptions. People may use them to clean their hands after using the restroom or just because they feel inclined to. If you’re working outdoors or hosting outdoor events, it’s ideal to rent one or several of these stations, depending on the number of attendees you anticipate. But first, there are three considerations you must make before renting a hand sanitizer station.

Dispenser Capacity

You want to make sure you rent out a station with an adequate dispenser capacity. You might rent a station that dispenses soap and another that dispenses hand sanitizer. Either way, you’ll need one that holds enough liquid.

At Floods Royal Flush, we can advise you on the amount of liquid held in our dispensers. From there, you can figure out how often you’ll need to refill them. If you plan to keep the stations for longer than a week, they will need to be serviced often.

Design Options

There are two different designs to choose from: manual or automatic. A manual design requires touch to operate, and an automatic design does not. With the automatic option, patrons just need to wave their hands near the sensor to make liquid shoot out into their palms. Some might consider this option more sanitary.

The manual option will require patrons to pump liquid sanitation into their hands by pushing down on the dispenser. If you want to continue providing your guests with maximum sanitation, consider renting a station that has a lower-level dispenser. This allows patrons to operate the system using their feet. Floods Royal Flush offers hand sanitizer station rentals in several different designs.

Liquid Options

You want to make sure you choose a liquid sanitation option that cleans up to 99.9 percent of the germs. Don’t automatically assume that every hand sanitizer or soap option does this. Be sure to discuss this point with the company you rent from.

We can offer advice and vetted facts showing that the liquid sanitation we provide gets the job done. You can rest easy knowing you took care of your guests to the best of your ability and did everything necessary to prevent the spread of germs.

If you have any concerns or questions about these three considerations when it comes to renting a hand sanitizer station, visit our website.

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