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A Quick Guide to Porta Potty Holding Tanks

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A Quick Guide to Porta Potty Holding Tanks

We all know what a porta-potty is for, but how many of us know about the different elements that help make it functional? Unless you’re in this business, it’s probably still a mystery. Luckily we’re experts and know about everything from cleaning the units to the holding tanks that accompany them. Here’s a quick guide to porta-potty holding tanks.

What Is a Holding Tank?

A porta-potty holding tank is a large plastic container that holds porta-potty waste. Think of it as a placeholder in between toilet cleanings. Porta-potties can hold between 40 and 50 gallons of waste. Depending on the size of the crowd, that waste can build up quickly.

A holding tank works as an efficient backup and essentially saves the day. The tanks vary in size, and you should always rent one that will service your crowd with a cushion. A holding tank can hold between 5 and 300 gallons of waste—that’s a lot of bathroom breaks.

When Are Holding Tanks Needed?

The truth is, you don’t always need a holding tank with your porta-potty rental. Tanks are best for events that have large crowds. Festivals, weddings, carnivals, and concerts are the best places and times for a porta-potty holding tank.

However, they don’t solely cater to larger crowds. Smaller gatherings benefit from these tanks too. For example, long camping trips or multi-day construction projects should have a holding tank on site. That extended time stretch means the portable restroom won’t be immediately serviced or cleaned. Therefore, a tank can pick up some of the slack.

Should You Rent One?

So, should you rent a porta-potty holding tank? Let’s put it this way: if you plan to throw an outdoor event with a crowd of 50 or more people, you need one. If your next construction project will last several weeks, you need one. And more importantly, you need one from us!

Here at Floods Royal Flush, we have holding tank rentals that range from 5 to 300 gallons. Run through the logistics for your purchase to make an informed decision. Consider the number of people you need to serve and the timeline. These are the most important factors in determining the size and number of holding tanks you need to rent.

Hopefully, this quick guide to porta-potty holding tanks gave you the exact rundown you needed. If you have more questions, visit our website for more information.

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