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3 Ways Porta Potties Help Conserve Water Usage

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3 Ways Porta Potties Help Conserve Water Usage

Whether the public likes them or not porta potties are necessary to society. For starters, where do you plan to use the bathroom at an outdoor festival? Or how do construction workers handle their business while working seven-hour shifts? The portable restrooms are here to stay, but they do more than just serve partygoers and construction workers. They play a pretty big role in the environment. Here are three ways porta potties help conserve water usage.

Allows Fewer Flushes

Do you have any idea how many toilet flushes happen a day? The average household has about five flushes a day. Depending on your type of toilet, those flushes could be seven gallons per flush or around one and a half gallons. Either way, that’s a lot of water wasted.

In a portable restroom, we don’t need to worry about flushes because the waste goes inside a holding tank. When the provider comes to service the porta potty, they empty the tank, then dispose of the waste properly. Fewer flushes mean saved water.

Disposes of Waste Safely

Not too many people know the negative impact wastewater has on the environment. It’s actually pollution. If not handled properly, human waste could contaminate wildlife and other humans. And that waste is a fast way to make diseases spread quickly.

People don’t even realize how urine can be toxic to plants and animals. Human waste can encourage the growth of harmful microbes that can spread to food and water. Portable sanitation facilities contain literal biohazards and minimize the potential transmission of disease.

Minimizes Running Water

Naturally, after using the bathroom, the next logical step is to wash your hands. Just because you’re using a porta potty doesn’t mean you get to skip this step. But people don’t have to run water wastefully to sanitize their hands.

Along with the porta potties, lots of providers offer portable sinks and hand sanitizer stations. Both contraptions minimize the amount of waste running. The portable sink is more controlled than indoor plumbing because the water is already inside the sink. Furthermore, a hand sanitizer station uses no soap or water, but it’s just as effective.

Aside from the portable sinks and hand sanitizer stations, at Floods Royal Flush, we have a 300-gallon septic tank to hold all that wastewater. Imagine how much water that one tank preserves.

These three ways porta potties conserve water usage are just part of one of their many advantages. For more information, visit our website.

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