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How a Porta Potty Can Make a Home Remodel Easier

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How a Porta Potty Can Make a Home Remodel Easier

When it comes to home renovations and remodels, your main focus is likely on the results and the final look. You’re also thinking about budgeting and whom you would trust to do the work. No matter how much work you have planned, these renovations are a big deal, and they can take a lot out of you, including your time, energy, and finances. And if we can help make things smoother for you, we will! Read on to learn how a portable restroom can make a home remodel easier.

Improve Workflow

A good workflow makes the difference between a successful home remodel and an unsuccessful one. Of course, you don’t want to push the contractor and their crew beyond their limits, but you should keep the ball rolling and the transitions flowing.

There will be times throughout the day when the crew needs to use the facilities. And if someone else is occupying the home’s restroom, you’ll have to wait. This issue causes delays and discomfort. You may have more than one bathroom in your home, but depending on the location, it could still lead to workflow interruptions.

It may not sound like it will halt tasks by much time, but those minutes eventually start to add up. The contractors will need to walk from one end of your home to the next, and in that time, they could track who knows what throughout your building.

Granted, your home may not be the cleanest during a home renovation anyway. That doesn’t mean you should invite grim, dirt, and germs. Having a portable restroom stationed near their work area makes it easier for them to access, keeps the work flowing, and stops unnecessary mess from entering the home.

Maintain Privacy

Dealing with a home renovation doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a sense of privacy. A lot of homeowners prefer their bathrooms to be unavailable to strangers. Your contractors aren’t necessarily strangers, but they aren’t guests either. There is nothing wrong with keeping that divide between the two parties.

Homeowners could want to maintain privacy for several different reasons. Even after vetting the contractors and ensuring they do good work and are reputable, you still have the right to keep your home secure. There may be special and sensitive documents and information you don’t want people to see.

Those personal items likely won’t be in the bathroom, but you never know what people might see on their way to the restroom. Pets and children could also present an issue if you have crew members moving in and out of the house constantly, as they could easily get in the way.

Furthermore, we all know what happens in a bathroom, and if you don’t want to be subjected to others’ odors, then a porta potty is just what you need. Place the restroom farther from the home to prevent smells from becoming an issue.

Prevent Disruption

Preventing disruption works on both ends of the spectrum. You want to prevent disruption for the crew and for your household. Even with the home renovations, you still have a routine you need to maintain. Remodeling will already cause enough disruptions. Needing to use the bathroom doesn’t need to be on that list of interruptions.

Areas like the kitchen, living room, basement, and a couple of bedrooms might be off-limits. These areas don’t affect your daily routine as much, and you can find alternatives for their functions. For example, if the kitchen is out of commission, there’s always takeout. There are other locations inside the home to watch television and entertain yourself as well.

But the bathroom is an entirely different story. These spaces are non-negotiable. There needs to be some sort of similar facility to cater to everyone’s needs. If you’re conducting bathroom renovations, a separate bathroom space will be crucial for your household and the crew.

Consider the Crew

The crew you hire to complete the remodel will work very hard, and providing them with a portable restroom speaks volumes about your hospitality. Of course, paying them for their services demonstrates plenty of appreciation, but offering a private bathroom is simply good manners.

Technically, there is already a contract in place, and they are required to meet all your needs. However, the crew you hire will be able to maintain their productivity and effectiveness even easier if you are a hospitable employer.

Having a good relationship with your contractors is always a plus. You want to trust they will work to the best of their ability and treat you fairly. Giving that respect first is a straightforward way to guarantee you’ll get it in return.

Multiple Options

One of the best things about portable restrooms is the variety of options you have in renting one. You know about the units with only a portable toilet, but do you know about the luxury trailers? Many construction sites utilize trailers because the workers need more than just a toilet. The trailers come with additional amenities, such as sinks and stalls, which make life on the jobsite easier for everyone.

Most trailers come with a working sink, full-length mirror, trash can, and a few other luxuries. The toilets flush, meaning you don’t need to worry about the restroom holding an odor. However, you do need to worry about placement and servicing, whether you rent a single unit or an entire trailer.

Make sure you hire a provider that offers cleaning and maintenance services. Here at Floods Royal Flush, we do it all. We know how to clean your units while they’re in service to ensure your home remodel remains free of disruptions or delays.

Don’t let your portable bathrooms go past a week without receiving service. Any sort of buildup will create a much bigger mess for you to handle. And when you’re renovating a space, you already have enough on your plate—managing bathrooms is just one more thing.

Renovating your home is a big deal, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. There are always options and solutions you can find to make the process smoother for you. Start by getting a porta potty to make the home remodel easier.

How a Porta Potty Can Make a Home Remodel Easier

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