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A Quick Guide to Choosing Porta-Potties for a Block Party

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A Quick Guide to Choosing Porta-Potties for a Block Party

Everyone loves a block party, but more importantly, they love a block party that caters to all their needs. When you host a block party, you must address the guests’ needs beyond basic food and activities. For instance, you must consider the lavatory necessities.

Bathroom-to-Guest Ratio

No one wants to attend an event with few or no bathrooms. There is a chance your event will have lines outside the porta-potty door, but they shouldn’t be obscene. When thinking about the bathroom-to-guest ratio, you need to consider the event’s timing.

There is no way to get a head count on how many people will attend a block party, but you can base the number of portable restrooms on the event’s duration. If the party will run for at least four hours, you should provide at least one porta-potty per 50 people. Two units per 50 guests is also a good ratio.

Accommodating Everyone

You must consider the elderly, children, and disabled individuals when you rent porta-potties. Supply portable restrooms specifically designed for accommodating people in wheelchairs. The restroom should be spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair and include steel bars. The event should have at least one portable restroom for parents with infants. They will need a space to change their child’s diaper.

Remembering the Law

You need to follow certain rules and regulations when throwing a block party, and you’ll have to adhere to additional guidelines for placing portable restrooms at places like festivals and construction sites.

Check with your local authorities so they can provide a guide for placing the restrooms on the street. Most of them are pretty standard: You can’t place porta-potties in front of a fire hydrant or any emergency equipment.

Choosing Your Provider

Choosing your provider is equally important. For starters, it’s always a good idea to find a provider in your area. You could branch out, but nearby providers are ideal if you have an emergency with any of the units.

Here at Floods Royal Flush, we have porta-potty rentals in Chicago that will cater to customers in the city and surrounding suburban areas. We provide the best deals and services to accommodate your needs.

Everyone is looking forward to this event, and you don’t want to disappoint. Use this guide for choosing and renting porta-potties for your block party, and get ready to have a ball! For more information, visit our website.

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