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The Ultimate Guide to Portable Hand Sanitizer Rentals

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The Ultimate Guide to Portable Hand Sanitizer Rentals

Most germs are spread through hand contact. Touching a door handle, a railing, a wall, an exchange of money, or even shaking hands is all someone needs to do to contract an illness. We can’t stop using our hands for things, and constantly wearing gloves is also unrealistic.

Keeping your hands sanitized is the next best solution. If you own a business, work a job site, or plan to host an event, it’s your responsibility to keep that location clean and safe for everyone. Check out this ultimate guide to portable hand sanitizer rentals.

Automatic Station

First things first, you need to know your options. There is more than just one type of sanitizer station. You don’t want to make the mistake of renting one that doesn’t work for your purposes.

An automatic station is most common inside commercial businesses. Having one maximizes the sanitation option, and that’s what appeals most to businesses. Plus, your patrons will appreciate the convenience of automatic stations. All patrons need to do is place their hands underneath the dispenser, and a decent amount of sanitizer will fall onto their hands. That way, there’s no need for unnecessary hand contact.

A lot of restaurants have taken to placing these dispensers right by the door. After patrons touch the handle, they can sanitize their hands immediately. Minimizing extra work for consumers and customers is always a crowd-pleaser.

Manual Station

A manual station is another model to consider. They may be less than ideal, but they’re still pretty common. The manual stations require patrons to dispense the hand sanitizer themselves. After pumping the handle, the sanitizer should clean off whatever germs they collected.

However, that’s not also an option people prefer. Luckily, there are ways around this obstacle. Some manual dispenses come with a foot pump, and these are much more sanitary. Patrons can press their foot down on the pump, and the desired amount of sanitizer will be dispensed.

Everyone’s hands remain free and clear of manually gathering hand sanitizer. These stations are more common at outdoor events because of the number of patrons, but commercial businesses can use these too.

Which To Choose

Deciding which ones to use isn’t hard. Both stations work well and do the job of sanitizing hands. Settling on one is more so about convenience. Do you want no hand contact at all? Then the automatic would be your best bet. However, a manual station with a foot pump works well too.

You also need to consider the location of the station. Where would it work best in your establishment? A manual station with a foot pump might stick out like a sore thumb inside a restaurant. Think about how you want things to appear.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizer

There are more advantages to hand sanitizer than disadvantages. We all know they help to kill and eliminate germs and prevent the spreading of germs. Hand sanitizer stations offer more convenience. Washing your hands can sometimes truly feel like a luxury.

There may not be a sink close by with access to soap and water. In situations like that, sanitizer stations make for the perfect substitute. And you can station them in multiple places so people can constantly sanitize their hands. It doesn’t have to only be only before and after meals; sometimes, people just like the comfort of clean hands.

The stations are also environmentally friendly, and they help preserve water. No one is going to refute the benefits of washing their hands, but there’s nothing wrong with saving water. Hand sanitizer also prevents bacteria like salmonella and hepatitis A from spreading.

Where To Place Them

Don’t make them difficult to access. The purpose of hand sanitizer stations is to serve the public, so everyone needs easy access to them. Placement all depends on your location and your business. For example, outdoor events need to have hand sanitizer stationed near the restroom area, the food area, the entrance, and the exit.

Those are the sections that will need them the most. Base the number of stations on the number of patrons at your event. Event coordinators need to have one portable restroom for every 25 guests. Apply that same logic to hand sanitizer stations—and if you add a few more, that’s fine too.

Other locations like restaurants, schools, and retail stores need to have one near the entrance and exit. These locations should have restrooms for the public, so guests have the option to wash their hands whenever they want. But supplying a station near the entrance and exit will make them comfortable with the sanitization of your establishment.

How To Clean Them

Just because they supply sanitation doesn’t mean they don’t need to be cleaned too. Don’t be a renter who neglects the maintenance of a hand sanitizer rental. Having a dirty one defeats the purpose and could potentially help spread germs instead of killing them.

Clean your stations frequently, preferably at the beginning and end of each day. It doesn’t take much to clean them, and all you need to focus on is the surface, which you should clean with soap and warm water. Wipe it down with a clean towel or sponge. Then, rinse away the soap and then let it dry. Make sure the soap is antibacterial.

Next, wipe the surface with Clorox wipes. The bleach will eliminate and kill any remaining germs the soap and water didn’t clear away.

Getting a Hand Sanitizer Rental

Getting a hand sanitizer rental isn’t hard at all. Because they are in such high demand right now, event planning companies are selling them in abundance. You also have other options like sanitation businesses. Here at Floods Royal Flush, we’ve got plenty on stock for you to look through.

We’ve got hand sanitizer stations for events and the porta potties to pair them with. When you speak with your provider, make sure they provide you with instructions on how to clean and maintain the stations. Come to an agreement on how long you need them and discuss if an extension will be necessary.

We’ve got guides about portable hand sanitizer rentals and portable restrooms. You can’t count on us to answer whatever questions you have. For more information, visit our website.

The Ultimate Guide to Portable Hand Sanitizer Rentals

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