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Expert Advice for Long-Term Bathroom Rental

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Expert Advice for Long-Term Bathroom Rental

There are short-term portable restrooms, and then there are long-term ones. Each serves a purpose. The short-term ones are mainly for events that last about a weekend or possibly half a week. Long-term rentals are more common for construction jobs because their timelines often run long—sometimes even longer than expected. Before making a commitment to these units, check out our expert advice for long-term bathroom rentals.

Check Location Qualifications

A long-term bathroom rental will occupy space and prevent others from using that space. There might be city and zoning restrictions that prevent you from occupying that location for longer than a few days.

Check with the city to see what regulations and guidelines they provide for the long term. There might be designated lots or parking locations for the restrooms. Check the operating hours for lots because some might have specific laws for 24-hour operations.

You cannot have most long-term portable restrooms on public streets. They are not allowed to occupy parks on public streets for any length of time. You can put a porta-potty on public streets, but only because they are typically for short-term use. Additionally, owners must place them either on the sidewalk or near a curb where it does not block parking.

Make sure you have a designated lot for your long-term restroom rental to avoid any restrictions or fines you may receive. Place them near water and possible electrical supply.

Choose the Right Size

Survey the restrooms carefully to make sure to cater to everyone’s needs and provide plenty of space for them. Some of the restrooms come elevated, and others are on the ground. If there are people on the site who require more room for a lowered entrance, find an option suitable for them.

Make sure the restrooms come with all the amenities promised and that they are functional. Long-term restroom rentals usually have a running sink, a flushable toilet, and a waste bin. Never purchase one that lacks these features or one with poorly functioning amenities. This will cause more trouble for you in the long run.

It might be best to choose a larger restroom. They make ventilation easier. Additionally, most of them come with air and heating. As the colder months approach, make sure these systems work properly and heat up the entire space, including the pipes.

Select the Correct Number

How many workers are on the site? It’s important to provide them with a restroom that accommodates everyone. To avoid heavy bathroom traffic, consider having more than one unit to make everyone comfortable.

Consider the timeline and the number of workers. Some people choose to have two separate units to accommodate the men and women on the site. This system usually works well for everyone. For better accessibility, consider placing the units at different locations on the site.

Maintain the Interior

Maintaining the interior is vital. No one wants to enter a messy bathroom or one that does not work properly. When it comes to cleaning the interior of the bathroom, there are specific steps to follow. In the contract, you can always request to have the maintenance crew handle the cleaning process.

Make sure they are thorough and diligent with the tasks. Here at Floods Royal Flush, we follow a specific routine when it comes to maintaining the interior of all our portable restrooms. We ensure the walls are clean and everything gets restocked. Depending on how long you rent the restroom, you may require weekly maintenance as a general rule of thumb.

You don’t need to restrict yourself to once a week. If issues occur, handle them as soon as possible. Survey the unit at the end of every day to ensure there are enough supplies in there for the following day. No one wants to run into a situation where they run out of toilet paper.

Maintain the Exterior

The exterior is equally important. For starters, make sure the surrounding area accommodates the restroom. Always place it on a flat surface and keep a clear path leading to the entrance. Additionally, you must consider the septic tank.

Order a restroom with a suitable holding tank, and make sure to routinely check on the tank. To avoid frequent blockage, consider renting a septic tank of 300 gallons. We sell them here at Floods Royal Flush as our largest option. They are functional, discrete, and safe. For them to remain functional, they require frequent pumping and scheduled sanitation.

Our maintenance crew will arrive on-site to handle the pump and remove any blockages or issues. Additionally, we will inspect the tank to ensure there are no cracks, scuffs, dents, or excessive build-up. If any of these appear on the tank, we will clean or replace it immediately.

As the cold weather approaches, it might present new challenges. Check on the tank daily and note if there are any changes. Issues with the tank might reflect in the function of the toilet. Pay close attention to any changes.

Vet the Company

Don’t just choose any company. They may supply units, but it does not mean they clean and properly maintain them. Vet portable restroom companies thoroughly, and compare them to any other options you may have. They should tell you on their website exactly how they clean and maintain the interior and exterior of the rentals.

Ask for references, and see what others have to say about their company. Ensure they provide pick-up and drop-off services and that they are available for maintenance, replacement, and repairs whenever you call. Browse their current supply. See how many different options they have, and ask for a quote before moving forward.

We provide all these services and details and want all our customers to know they can trust us completely. Maintaining trustworthy relationships keeps us in business.

We’ve been around long enough to know exactly what we’re talking about, and we provide more than expert advice for long-term bathroom rentals. We have it all, so shop with us today! Visit our website for more information.

Expert Advice for Long-Term Bathroom Rental

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