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5 Sanitation Tips for Music Festival Organizers

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5 Sanitation Tips for Music Festival Organizers

Music festivals are awesome. Everyone’s smiling, singing along, and dancing to the beat. With all this movement, they might not stop to think about how sanitary the area is. That’s OK. It’s not their job to keep this in mind. It’s yours. You put the event together, and now it’s your responsibility to keep things as clean as possible. Here are five sanitation tips for music festival organizers.

Rent Bathrooms

Don’t force people to find their own bathroom in a bush or beyond a tree. Porta potties exist for a reason. Use them. Renting portable bathrooms is a no-brainer, but what’s difficult is figuring out placement and where to buy from.

Kill two birds with one stone and shop with us here at Floods Royal Flush. We’ve been around for a while, and our reputation speaks for itself. Plus, we’ll help with the setup. We know how to best place the portable bathrooms to avoid accidents.

Keep Bathrooms Clean

On top of having porta potties, you need to keep them clean. That’s the key to it all. How many days is your festival running? At the closing of each night, you’ll need a team to run through the restrooms and make sure they’re clean. Allowing them to go on without proper maintenance invites a lot of problems.

Bacteria can grow in an unclean bathroom, which can result in some rough illnesses. Avoid this possibility completely with regular checks and cleaning at the end and beginning of each day. Make sure you lock them up nice and tight before leaving so that no animals make their way inside.

Rent More Than Necessary

There is a specific number of porta potties required for every number of patrons attending the event. For every 50 people, you need one portable restroom. But does that sound sufficient? Some say no, and others say yes.

To err on the side of caution, consider going a little over. Fifty people to one bathroom could not go over well, and providing them with a couple more options makes things a little more sanitary.

Place Hand Sanitizer Stations

People need to wash and sanitize their hands, regardless of if they use the bathroom. We’ve seen that washing our hands can help prevent illnesses, so keeping sanitizing stations around the festival is a brilliant idea. It encourages people to keep the area clean.

We have a great selection of hand sanitizer rentals to choose from. It helps kill 99 percent of germs and bacteria. The dispensers have 5,000 uses with a single fill-up. Have a few on the site so that people have multiple options and don’t resort to only using them near the restrooms.

Spread It Out

Naturally, everyone will flock toward the stage. They came for the music, after all. However, the same rules don’t apply to the restrooms and hand sanitizer stations. You shouldn’t keep them all in one central location. Spread them out for everyone to use. This is best for those who don’t want to travel too far away from their group of friends or family.

Let us help you keep music festivals clean and sanitary. For more information, visit our website.

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