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3 Tips for Keeping Porta Potties Clean at Multi-Day Events

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3 Tips for Keeping Porta Potties Clean at Multi-Day Events

Trust us when we say portable restrooms do not have to be disgusting. We won’t lie and suggest they’ll never get dirty, but they don’t need to remain filthy throughout your outdoor event. With so much activity in the area, it’s easy to forget about these units and neglect them. However, you can use these three tips for keeping porta potties clean at multi-day events.

Add More Trash Cans

At many events, the biggest issue is a lack of trash cans. When the trash cans in the restrooms reach capacity and get too full, people will restore to the next best thing: the floors. Because portable restrooms units are outside, rentable, and already have a reputation, some patrons don’t give them the greatest care.

If you’ve stepped inside a porta potty with napkins and paper towels littering the ground, you know what we’re talking about. It’s not surprising to see wrappers and other non-flushable items inside the toilets. The more trash cans you have, the more you discourage people from throwing things that aren’t toilet paper inside the toilet.

Stock Up on Porta Potties

Avoid those long lines and overused toilets. The lines might be inevitable, depending on the size of the event, but they don’t need to wrap around the corner. Ensure restrooms are readily available by renting more than the necessary number of porta potties.

Depending on the number of guests, there will be a recommended number of portable restrooms you’ll need to accommodate everyone. Just keep in mind that the more portable restrooms you have, the less mess people will generate.

People will have more options on where to use the bathroom, which means that the overall mess will more evenly distribute among the porta potties. They won’t overflow with trash, and it will be easier to clean and manage them all.

Follow a Cleaning Schedule

Speaking of cleaning, know that it’s an unavoidable task. The more significant mistake people make with these units at multi-day events is waiting until the end of the day to clean them out. Some renters even wait until the end of the event itself.

Delaying cleaning is a mistake. Hire a crew or find volunteers for around-the-clock cleaning. Order service throughout the event so that the mess doesn’t become overwhelming or difficult to contain. As they’re cleaning, they can also air the units out to mitigate the odor.

The blue chemicals also have a chance to freshen up the units with a nice breeze flowing through. Keeping the doors closed might be your first instinct as an event host, but you should fight it. The more air, the better. Also, have the attendants restock plenty of hygiene supplies inside every portable restroom rental for the patrons.

When it comes to keeping rental restrooms clean, that’s all it takes. Follow these three tips for keeping your porta potties clean at multi-day events, and check out our website for any other guidance you may need.

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