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Things To Consider About Porta Potties at Backyard Weddings

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Things To Consider About Porta Potties at Backyard Weddings

Backyard weddings are a blast! For starters, they’re a great way to reduce venue costs. But more than anything, they’re perfect for celebrating a joyous occasion. The affair is fancy, but the venue makes the atmosphere feel more intimate.

Even though the venue saves you some money, you still need to consider various expenses. With plenty of drinks flowing, guests will need restroom facilities, and it’s your responsibility to supply the restroom accommodations. So look over these four things to consider about porta potties at backyard weddings.

1. Wedding Timeline

Summer is a popular time for wedding season. Plenty of happy couples want to commit themselves to each other with the sun shining bright in the sky. And because the weather is so beautiful, they’ll want to spend the day outside just like you.

Wedding planning takes time. There’s a reason why couples book venues a year in advance. But since you’re in a backyard, you only need to worry about booking the portable restrooms in advance. You don’t need to start organizing a year ahead of time, but it needs to be a few months before the big day.

Consumers rent porta potties for plenty of reasons during the summer. You need to consider festivals, block parties, family gatherings, outdoor concerts, marathons, and even construction jobs. The last thing you want to deal with is not getting a portable restroom for the wedding.

Start looking for providers three to six months in advance. You won’t be able to find any on short notice, so don’t take the chance. Even if a provider accommodates a last-minute event, the options may be less than favorable.

2. Number of Guests

After your big day, you want to hear guests compliment the food, atmosphere, and music. You never want to hear them say, “That line for the bathroom was too long.” That’s one of the worst complaints they can make.

There need to be enough toilets for your guests to use. A general rule of thumb is to provide at least one toilet for every 20 guests. If you’re expecting 120 guests, you need at least six portable restrooms. But you should also account for odors and alcohol.

Foul Odors

It’s no secret that porta potties can hold some pretty nasty smells. But you don’t need to let this be a problem for your wedding.

Go above the standard rule of thumb because there will be times when some restrooms are out of commission to allow for airing out.

During that airing-out time, you’ll still have a sufficient number of porta potties for guests to use. Go for at least one or two more above the standard number.

Alcohol Consumption

You also need to consider alcohol consumption. There are usually lots of drinks during a wedding, and alcohol makes people urinate more because it blocks the antidiuretic hormone (ADH).

ADH keeps people from needing to use the restroom, but alcohol will eliminate all that. If you don’t have enough porta potties, there will be lines outside them. Count your number of guests, factor in the drinks, and get the total number of portable restrooms you need.

3. Porta Potty Placement

While these units are necessary, you don’t want them to mess with the wedding’s aesthetic. Porta potties don’t necessarily go with the flower arrangements or the place settings. They’re important, but people prefer them to blend into the background rather than making them the main attraction.

Place the porta potties downwind and away from the dining table. Keep them in a line of sight but away from the guests. Also, keep the units on a flat, dry surface, preferably out of the grass. Consider stationing them in the driveway, and place signage around to direct the guests.


A summer wedding means plenty of sunshine, but UV rays and portable restrooms don’t mix well. Too much heat beaming down on these units results in foul odors and makes them breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

Try and place them underneath a tree or a place with plenty of shade. You may need to build a barrier around the porta potties. The barrier will keep them enclosed and protected from the sun.

Weather Conditions

The weather is unpredictable, meaning you need to think ahead. If the day is windy, ask your provider where to place the porta potties.

And if it happens to rain that day, you need to brainstorm some ideas to keep the units dry. The barrier will work well. Make sure it encloses the guests while they wait in line as well.

4. Restroom Options

Not all portable restrooms are the same. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Our portable toilet rentals in Chicago are very diverse. You need to factor in their guests and special accommodations you’ll require before deciding.

ADA-Compliant Restrooms

Include an ADA-compliant portable restroom for inclusivity. Even if you don’t have any guests with disabilities, these units are beneficial for all guests.

They’re spacious for elderly guests or parents with small children. Or if there’s an outfit emergency, the extra room inside a handicapped porta potty makes it easier for adjustments.

Luxury Trailers

If you want to go for a side of luxury, choose one of our luxurious restroom trailers. These units may be more suitable for an outdoor wedding. The trailers are climate controlled, so even on the hottest day, guests will feel some relief when they step inside.

They also come with a flushable toilet, running sink, and full-length mirror. They feel more like a normal restroom and are an appropriate option for backyard weddings. Even if the setting seems more laid back, keep the bathrooms classy.

Whether you choose standard porta potties or luxury trailers, make sure you rent them from us. At Floods Royal Flush, we know home toilets can’t handle hundreds of guests shuffling in and out. Keep the party outside. It’s more convenient for your guests and your house. Consider these four things about renting porta potties for your backyard wedding, and enjoy the festivities.

Things To Consider About Porta Potties at Backyard Weddings

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