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Things To Consider When Renting a Portable Bathroom Trailer

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Things To Consider When Renting a Portable Bathroom Trailer

It doesn’t matter if you’re a construction site owner or an event coordinator. The people on the premises will need to use the facilities at some point. And you need to provide them with an adequate place to go. Luckily, the options are plentiful. If you choose to go a step above the standard porta potties, you should know these four things to consider when renting a portable bathroom trailer.

Consider the Size

Restroom trailers are larger than portable restrooms, but that’s mainly because of the amenities inside. Renting a two-stall bathroom trailer for a crowd of 500 or more people is inadequate. You need to consider the size of the crowd and the trailer.

Don’t go overboard, and don’t fall short. The restroom trailer needs to fall right in the middle of perfection. Think about the size of the party compared to the size of the restrooms. A two- to three-stall restroom trailer for a construction crew of 50 workers should work just fine.

Consider the Event

The bathroom must match the event—consider this a rule of thumb. If you plan to throw an outdoor wedding or anniversary party, chances are that your guests showed up in some nice threads. Don’t subject them to a standard porta-potty in their fancy attire.

A restroom trailer would be much more their speed because it feels like an actual bathroom and not just a quick substitute. Get a rental that matches the tone and atmosphere of the event. Even renting a trailer for a construction site would be ideal, considering these projects are usually long term.

Consider the Maintenance

The maintenance of a bathroom trailer is crucial. Trailers you rent for one-day events like weddings don’t require servicing. But if you run into issues with plumbing or a clogged toilet, that’s a different story.

Events lasting two to three days will require servicing. A specialist comes out to pump the tank and replenish the used products. Rentals for a week or longer get serviced on rotation. You and your provider will agree on a set schedule for this.

Consider the Timing

Never assume providers have a backlog of restroom trailers ready whenever you are. The summer is a busy time for everyone. Plenty of construction jobs are happening, as well as outdoor events. Therefore, people need restrooms just as badly as you.

Plan ahead when it comes to bathroom trailer rentals. You want to get the best and don’t want to delay your event due to poor planning. Get in touch with us early so that you don’t run into issues when searching for a restroom rental.

At Floods Royal Flush, we help our customers plan ahead and consider everything they need when renting portable bathroom trailers. For more information, visit our website.

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