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3 Ways Portable Sinks Make Events Look More Professional

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3 Ways Portable Sinks Make Events Look More Professional

Outdoor events don’t consist of barbecues and festivals. Some people host outdoor weddings, fundraisers, and even galas. Events to this degree need to look and feel a certain way. Guests will arrive dressed to impress. Therefore, the atmosphere and decorations need to reflect the same aesthetic. Here are three ways portable sinks make events look more professional.

Sends a Message

It’s about sending a certain message. A portable sink tells guests you care about their hands after they step out of the portable restroom. A porta-potty seems less than desirable, but adding a portable sink into the mix conveys a different message.

It tells the guests hygiene is of the utmost priority, and that screams professionalism because you’re concerned with the well-being of everyone on the premises. Place a couple of portable sinks near the portable restrooms and watch how peoples’ eyebrows raise with an impressed expression.

Improves Convenience

Don’t force guests to search for another location to clean their hands or dig through their bags to pull out the hand sanitizer. Improving convenience is always a good look. And people often get a more professional impression when things are convenient.

Think about it this way. When diners come inside a restaurant, do they have to search for a seat near their table, or is it already there? Imagine what their response would be if they had to step outside to find a chair for their table. That restaurant would lose major points with them. The same rules apply to portable sinks and porta-potties. They need to be present at your event if there are no restroom facilities.

Changes the Aesthetic

It’s unfortunate, but people don’t expect to see a portable sink near a porta-potty. Most of the time, people have to figure out how to clean their hands after using them. But that shouldn’t be the case, especially on work sites.

These units should automatically come with porta-potties. A portable sink rental automatically changes the look and feel of an outdoor event. It makes the outdoor event’s lavatory mostly the same as an indoor restroom. It may not be 100 percent equivalent, but it’s closer than running a water bottle over your hands after using the bathroom.

At Floods Royal Flush, our portable sinks and porta-potties are exactly what you need to rent to make your event look more professional. For more information, visit our website.

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