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7 Hand Sanitizing Station Decorating Ideas for Weddings

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7 Hand Sanitizing Station Decorating Ideas for Weddings

Organizing a wedding can seem like an overwhelming task. As a wedding planner, you must consider a multitude of different things while you put together the perfect wedding for your clients. For example, if a couple wants to incorporate good hand hygiene into their wedding festivities, you should plan to place hand sanitizing stations throughout the event space.

However, you will want the hand sanitizing stations to coordinate with the wedding aesthetic chosen by your client instead of looking out of place. If you aren’t sure how to customize these hand sanitizing stations, here are seven hand sanitizing station decorating ideas for weddings that will have your clients’ guests complimenting every aspect of their special day. Discover how to put together an elegant and unique wedding without sacrificing the health and safety of the wedding party and guests.

Add Some Fancy Signage

If your client has a strict budget, creating a simple yet eye-catching and well-worded sign is a wonderful, cost-effective way to upgrade their hand sanitizing station. A sign will help draw attention to the hand sanitizing station and remind wedding guests to clean their hands.

You can add clever, funny wording to match the couple’s personality, select a color that fits their wedding theme, and incorporate the wedding hashtag into the text on the sign. You can even make an acrylic wedding sign to add a contemporary touch to the wedding decor. As a wedding planner, you have access to an endless number of sign design choices that will make your client’s wedding celebration flawless.

Take Out Your Paint Brush

Painting the hand sanitizing station is a great way to unleash your inner artist and add extra design flair to the station. You can use the couple’s wedding colors as inspiration and paint an eye-catching design that floors the wedding guests and inspires them to practice good hand hygiene.

If you are not artistically inclined, you can hire a local artist to create something that incorporates personal elements from your clients’ love story. The artist can highlight personal aspects of their relationship to bring pizzazz to an otherwise undecorated hand sanitizer station.

Create a Photo Memorial

Another way to personalize the hand sanitizer station is to create a photo memorial documenting the couple’s love story. You can surround the sanitizing stations at their wedding with photos showcasing each stage of their courtship.

This is an exciting way for guests to see the entirety of the couple’s love story through photos. It is also a great way to remind them to cleanse their hands when moving throughout the wedding venue.

Invent a Wedding Guest Book Alternative

A wedding guest book gives your clients the opportunity to reflect on their big day and read through the well-wishes of their friends and family. One way to spruce up a hand sanitizing station is to turn it into a makeshift wedding guest book.

You can place a table next to the sanitization station with sticky notes and pens, encouraging wedding guests to write down their loving thoughts for the newly married couple. They can place their notes on the sanitizing station, creating a unique, memorable wedding guest book alternative. This is a fun way to provide a meaningful activity for guests while improving the overall health and safety of the wedding group.

Make Good Use of Your Flower Budget

As you probably already know, flowers are a significant part of most wedding ceremonies. They help create an elegant ambience full of color and energy, and they symbolize everlasting love, romance, and beauty. One easy way to decorate a hand sanitizing station is to surround it with decorative floral arrangements.

You can save money by repurposing floral arrangements from the ceremony, or you can dazzle partygoers with brand-new floral displays. Either way, using flowers as a decorative tool is a seamless way to make a sanitizing station look like a foundational element of your client’s wedding decor.

Add a Touch of Greenery

In addition to floral arrangements, adding a touch of greenery is a great way to decorate the hand sanitizing stations at your client’s wedding. You can choose to keep it simple with a few branches or small trees neatly arranged around the station, or go all out with a hanging greenery installation.

Whether your clients prefer a maximalist or minimalist design approach, you can find the right amount of greenery to cover the wedding venue and give the sanitization stations a trendy, earthy look. Plus, out of all the hand sanitizing station decoration ideas for weddings, adding a touch of greenery is something you can incorporate throughout the entirety of the wedding venue.

Display the Seating Chart

Finally, you can make the hand sanitizing station a central element of the wedding by placing it next to the seating chart. This way, guests can figure out their seating locations and keep their hands clean at the same time. There are many signage templates available online that can help you create an eye-catching seating chart for the reception.

Understand the Importance of Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitizer stations for events are of the utmost importance for everyone in attendance. Specifically, if there are older people, babies, or immunocompromised individuals attending the wedding, the marrying couple will want to keep them as safe and healthy as possible.

Having hand sanitizer stations at the wedding is a great way to reduce the likelihood of harmful bacteria and germs spreading throughout the wedding venue. It will also help you protect your clients’ memories of their wedding day. If someone they love becomes seriously ill after attending their wedding, it could negatively impact the way they view this important event in their lives.

Protect Each Client’s Wedding With Our Hand Sanitizer Station Rentals

These days, many people are more health-conscious and focused on finding ways to protect themselves from germs in everyday life. If you want to do everything you can to ensure the safety of your client’s wedding, rent hand sanitizer stations you can place throughout the wedding venue.

At Floods Royal Flush, we have the perfect hand sanitizing stations for large events like weddings. Providing 5,000 uses on a single fill-up, our sanitizer stations are great for sizeable wedding parties where germ spread is more likely to occur. Visit our website for more information about our environmentally friendly products.

7 Hand Sanitizing Station Decorating Ideas for Weddings

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