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3 Porta-Potty Holding Tank Requirements and Considerations

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3 Porta-Potty Holding Tank Requirements and Considerations

Using the bathroom is a basic human need that everyone must address. If you are holding an outdoor event like a wedding, you must ensure people have easy access to bathroom facilities. You should have enough portable restrooms for your crowd size and enough holding tanks for wastewater handling and transport. Here are three porta-potty holding tank requirements and considerations for planning a wedding or large-scale event.

Size and Capacity

When securing septic tank rental for a wedding, you should consider the guest list size when determining the required holding tank capacity. For most large-scale weddings, a 300-gallon portable septic tank will ensure that your guests have no issues using the bathroom during the event. The holding tanks are quick and easy to drain, making them a great option for weddings with many guests.

Length of Operation

You should also consider the duration of the wedding when determining the required holding tank capacity. For example, even a wedding with a modest number of guests may require a larger holding tank if you expect the event to last all day. Most people use the bathroom at least once every two or three hours, so you can expect your storage needs to expand the longer your event lasts.

Type of Material

Finally, you should consider the type of material from which your holding tank is constructed. Most porta-potty rental companies have holding tanks made of polyethylene or fiberglass. Polyethylene holding tanks are lightweight and easy to clean, making them ideal for one-day events like weddings.

However, you may prefer fiberglass holding tanks for long-term events or construction projects. This tank style is more durable and can withstand greater amounts of pressure. Simply put, the right material for your holding tanks will depend on the size, scale, and length of your event/project.

Maintaining Porta-Potty Holding Tanks

After reviewing these three porta-potty holding tank requirements and considerations, you should also know how to maintain your porta-potty holding tanks properly. Doing so will impress your wedding guests with the sanitation at your event. Here are the top maintenance tips you should follow:

  • Use deodorizing chemicals to maintain a pleasant environment
  • Follow local regulations and best practices when disposing of waste
  • Check the vent stack frequently to ensure proper airflow
  • Routinely inspect the holding tank for leaks, cracks, and damage

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