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4 Safety Tips for Setting Up Ramps for ADA Porta Potties

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4 Safety Tips for Setting Up Ramps for ADA Porta Potties

If you plan outdoor events like festivals or weddings, you must ensure that everyone at your gatherings has restroom access, including disabled individuals who have difficulty finding ADA-compliant restrooms. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), any outdoor event requiring portable restrooms must also have handicap-accessible restrooms.

If you have never set up an ADA-compliant portable restroom, refer to the following guide for help. We will provide four safety tips for setting up ramps for ADA porta potties. Following these tips will ensure your guests feel safe, comfortable, and ready to party the night away.

Pay Close Attention to Your Ramp’s Incline

Your wheelchair ramp should have a gradual incline to keep people safe when entering and exiting the porta potty. A steep ramp will make it difficult for disabled individuals to access the porta potty and could cause them to tip over. The ADA recommends your ramp should have one foot in length for every inch of rise.

Never Use Slippery Surfaces

When including a handicapped porta potty at your next wedding event, you should pay close attention to the material used to build the ramp. Your access ramp should have a nonskid surface that does not slip when moisture is present. Access ramps made from an open-weave surface will ensure the safety of your disabled guests and allow them to enter and exit your restroom facilities easily.

Ensure the Proper Turning Radius

When constructing a wheelchair ramp with a turn, you must consider the turning radius. People in wheelchairs and mobility scooters should have enough room to make their turn safely. The ADA recommends a 60-inch turning radius to ensure the safety of your disabled guests.

Always Install Handrails

Some of your disabled guests may have trouble pushing themselves up a ramp. You should always have grab bars and handrails installed for maximum safety and protection. Place the handrails at a reasonable height and make sure they can hold the weight of your guests.

We hope you found our four safety tips for setting up ramps for ADA porta potties useful. Whenever you throw a public event like a wedding or outdoor gathering, you should remember to think of the safety and comfort of your disabled guests. Attendees will love that you cared enough to consider the well-being of their friends.

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