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Chicago Public Restroom Shortage: The Porta Potty Solution

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Chicago Public Restroom Shortage: The Porta Potty Solution

If you were born and raised in Chicago, you have probably noticed that access to public restrooms has decreased dramatically over the past several decades. This lack of public restroom access is no accident. The city’s shortage of public restrooms is primarily because of policy decisions made by the Chicago government. We’ll discuss the reasoning behind the Chicago public restroom shortage and how the porta potty solution can resolve this problem.

Reasons for the Chicago Public Bathroom Shortage

Tourists, delivery workers, families with small children, and taxi drivers have trouble finding public bathrooms in Chicago. They must navigate the city knowing that bathroom access is not readily available. In this major city, less than 500 structures offer free bathroom access to the public. Many public bathrooms are in police stations or public libraries, where people may feel uncomfortable entering. A Chicago public bathroom map shows every free and accessible public restroom in the city.

Why has the Chicago public bathroom shortage become so pronounced recently? For decades, public officials have made budget cuts to public resources, leading to a steady decline in public bathrooms.

Additionally, the elimination of pay toilets in the 1970s, the steady increase in homelessness, and the expectation that businesses provide toilet access to their customers have limited public bathroom access.

How Porta Potties Can Solve the Public Restroom Shortage

Because of the Chicago public restroom shortage, many people are discussing the porta potty solution. Installing a portable bathroom is less expensive than creating a public restroom area. Additionally, portable bathrooms can improve public health by creating a sanitary environment for people to relieve themselves.

City officials could save money and make their residents happy by increasing the number of portable restrooms in the city, especially in places like the Jefferson Transit Station, where there is a strong desire by the public to prevent public urination and improve sanitation.

Rent a Portable Restroom Near Chicago

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