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5 Different Types of Porta Potty Rentals

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5 Different Types of Porta Potty Rentals

Porta potties have an important purpose. The invention of the outdoor restroom came around for a reason. And as time progressed, manufacturers discovered that the current model needed adjustments. Different portable restrooms cater to different needs, and there are five different types of porta potty rentals you should know about.

Standard Porta Potty

Of course, the first we mention is the standard porta potty. It has one door, and the lock on the door outside is color coded, meant to indicate if it’s empty or occupied. These are the best rentals for larger usage.

You’ll see these porta potties at festivals, concerts, and even construction sites. For every attendee at the event or site, a certain number of porta potties is required to accommodate the crowd. Because of the frequency of their use, you’ll want to make sure you air out these units often to make the experience better for everyone.

Roll Away Porta Potty

Let’s be honest—porta potties are not the most sightly thing in the world. People need them, but that does not mean they enjoy looking at them. And if you want to make your event hold a certain aesthetic, or you want to make cleanup at the end of the day easier, consider renting rollaway porta potties.

The portable restroom comes attached to an elevator rollaway, making transport easier for you. Simply roll them onto the elevator and lock them in place to eliminate mobility. Try to station these on a flat surface, and definitely not on an incline. Even with the lock, you want to avoid potential accidents.

ADA-Accessible Porta Potty

ADA-Accessible porta potties are more common than you think. For every standard porta potty you have, there needs to be a corresponding handicap-accessible porta potty to match. Manufacturers design these portable restrooms with space and convenience in mind.

The entryway is large enough for a wheelchair to fit through, and so is the interior. The door closes automatically, so you don’t need to worry about latching it. Additionally, there are handles located on the walls and near the toilet for the user to lift themselves from the toilet back to their chair.

Luxury Porta Potty

Then there are the portable restrooms to rival all the others. Here at Floods Royal Flush, we have them all. We have ADA-accessible ones, as well as luxury restroom trailers. The luxury portable restrooms come with flushable toilets and a sink with running water.

They also have a trash can for people to discard items they otherwise might try and flush. These are the kinds you rent for nicer events, and you don’t typically see them at festivals. Use these for weddings or some construction jobs, too. Your workers might appreciate the upgrade from the norm.

Baby Porta Potty

When we say baby porta potty, we don’t mean a miniature one. These are portable restrooms designed for parents who need to change their baby’s diaper or clean them up quickly.

They’re a little more spacious than the standard porta-potty to accommodate the changing table. These will have signage on the door to indicate the added features.

We know all about porta-potties, from the different types to the proper way to maintain them. For more information, visit our website.

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