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4 Tips for Helping a Child Use a Porta Potty

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4 Tips for Helping a Child Use a Porta Potty

So, your child has finally mastered the toilet. They see a bathroom and know what they need to do there. It’s all very exciting news. But the bigger question is: what happens when they need to go while outside your house?

Naturally, you’ll find the nearest restroom, and if it happens to be a portable one, that’s where they’ll go. You might have a few reservations at first, and that’s understandable. Here are four tips for helping a child use a porta potty to provide peace of mind.

Keep an Eye Out

To state the obvious, using the bathroom at home differs from using a portable restroom, especially with kids. Generally, it would be best not to let them enter one alone. It’s new territory for them. Yes, there is a toilet, and they probably know what to do with it, but there are other things to consider.

Accompany your child to avoid them slipping or falling inside. Sometimes accidents happen, or the portable restroom is not as clean as it should be. Watch out for any potential dangers and teach them to keep a close eye out too. Accompanying your child also ensures they don’t accidentally lock themselves inside.

Discuss Sanitation

We’re always trying to teach our children to practice good hygiene, and it becomes even more important with portable restrooms. Because of the traffic these units receive, you want to remind your child to keep their hands off the interior walls and not sit directly on the toilet seat.

It’s not their home, so they may not know to avoid sitting down. Encourage them to squat if they’re tall enough. If not, show them how to place toilet tissue or napkins on the rim before they do their business. Afterward, direct them to the hand sanitation area to clean their hands. Here at Floods Royal Flush, we supply porta potties and hand sanitation areas.

Explain Etiquette

As previously stated, many people use these restrooms, and you don’t want your child to barge in on someone while it’s in use. Adults know to lock the door, but on the off chance it’s not, remind your child to knock before entering.

This is a good tip for bathrooms across the board. You’ll teach your child about boundaries and good manners. You can also show them the signs that someone is inside the porta-potty. Tell them that red means no, green means good to go, and they should still knock to be safe.

Take Away Accessories

Kids always have something in their hands, and sometimes they are reluctant to let it go, but bringing it along into a portable bathroom is not a good idea.

Encourage your child to place toys, electronics, etc., in a safe location before using the bathroom. They need to focus while inside and outside possessions might distract them.

Children are the future, so it’s our duty to help them use a porta potty correctly, among other things. For more information, visit our website.

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