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The Benefits of Using Methanol for Portable Restrooms

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The Benefits of Using Methanol for Portable Restrooms

It’s crucial to be proactive in preventing water from freezing inside your portable restroom rentals throughout the winter months. One of the best ways to prevent freezing is to use methanol inside your units. Continue reading below to explore the benefits of using methanol for portable restrooms.

What Is Methanol?

First, it may be helpful to explain what methanol is. Methanol is a chemical that you can pour directly into tanks to help prevent the waste and liquid inside from freezing. Typically, you should add around six and a half ounces of methanol for every gallon of water inside the tank.

This solution can safeguard tanks in temperatures as low as -28 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that if you mishandle this chemical, it can be pretty dangerous. So make sure you use proper safety practices before adding it to your tanks.

Reduces Maintenance Needs

When tanks freeze over, they can be a tremendous pain to deal with. Furthermore, freezing renders the unit useless until it becomes restored to normal working conditions. By adding methanol to the tank, you prevent the wastewater from solidifying and eliminate the need for people to work to clear it.

Prevents Contamination

The tank can break due to frigid conditions when it doesn’t have added methanol in a worst-case scenario. When this happens, the waste inside can pour out and contaminate the surrounding environment. Even if it doesn’t break, freshwater can become contaminated with frozen waste from a prior service, which is exceedingly unsanitary and could lead to health complications.

Creates a More Pleasant Experience

Whenever wastewater freezes, it can produce powerfully pungent odors and give people an extremely unpleasant experience using the unit. In this instance, your guests or employees may not even use the restrooms because the smells are unbearable. Luckily, methanol helps prevent this scenario from occurring.

Alternatives Can Damage Environment

Some individuals prefer salts over methanol, but there are several disadvantages to using them. A high salt content increases the likelihood of lawn damage due to excess salt not making it directly into your tank. You can accidentally limit grass growth or even kill it entirely when you pour enough salt on it.

These are just some of the fantastic benefits of using methanol for portable restrooms. Using it can be extremely important for your next porta potty rental in Chicago from Floods Royal Flush to help combat our cold winters. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our units.

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