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How To Determine Which Kinds of Portable Restrooms You Need

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How To Determine Which Kinds of Portable Restrooms You Need

You don’t want to get started on your event or worksite only to discover that you don’t have enough portable bathrooms to accommodate everyone. Understanding your potential demands before renting units can help you prevent significant delays or having to scramble to find alternatives and additional facilities. Look below to learn how to determine which kinds of portable restrooms you need.

What Type of Event Are You Hosting?

Depending on the function, the ambiance and practical requirements will differ. Huge outdoor concerts will require many porta-potties so that attendees can get in and out quickly to continue enjoying the music. In contrast, black-tie gatherings will necessitate a more intimate setting, which you can achieve with luxury portable trailers. You’ll need to figure out what sort of mood you want to create and whether you’re going for a highly practical approach or something cozier and more comfortable.

Portable Trailers Look Great at Upscale Events

Portable restroom trailers provide a sophisticated look that’s ideal for business gatherings, outdoor weddings, and other formal occasions. Mobile bathroom trailers are contemporary, elegant, and posh, with various features to accommodate organized groups and guests. You can decorate both the inside and outside to match the overall theme of your event as well.

Know How Many Numbers You’re Dealing With

You’ll want to have a solid estimate for how many people you’re expecting to attend an event. For private events such as family reunions, you should have a guest list that you can go off of. For large events, like festivals, you may already have numbers from past years to help determine how many people you can expect for future events.

Construction Sites Can Have Additional Requirements

When attempting to set up a jobsite, you may have legal obligations concerning how many portable restrooms you need to have under OSHA. A single-occupancy toilet with a lockable door is usually sufficient for both genders.

  • For 1 to 15 employees, there is 1 restroom per gender.
  • There are 2 restrooms for 16 to 35 employees, one for each gender.
  • There are 3 restrooms for 36 to 55 employees, one for each gender.
  • There are 4 restrooms for 56 to 80 employees, one for each gender.
  • There are 5 restrooms for 81 to 110 personnel, one for each gender.
  • For every additional 40 employees, there will be an additional toilet for each gender.
  • After 200 employees, the ratio reduces to one employee for every 50.

You should ensure that you have your numbers readily available before you contact Floods Royal Flush, so you’ll be able to make the proper accommodations.

How Long Will You Need Units?

You’ll need to know how long your event will last to ensure proper coverage with rental units. To keep them properly maintained, portable restrooms must be serviced for occasions that last multiple days consistently. These services include emptying tanks and replenishing consumables such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer to ensure that the units are ready to use again.

The more restrooms you have, the less likely of having too many bathrooms that you need to perform maintenance inside of at once. These additional bathrooms are a must for events such as three-day weekend music festivals, even if you’re not expecting a large number of attendees.

Consider Holding Tanks To Remove Excess Waste Buildup

Conventional porta-potties distributed throughout the venue for many one-day events should be enough to meet people’s restroom needs. However, if you expect your event to continue for several days, you may want to consider setting up holding tanks to reduce the amount of servicing each unit requires during the day. You won’t have to worry about long lines forming due to closing down portable bathrooms to remove waste that accumulates throughout the event.

You’ll More Than Likely Need ADA-Compliant Restrooms

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 created rules for installing portable restrooms. For every 20 portable toilets on a site, you must have at least one ADA-compliant unit, with at least one ADA unit in each grouping of bathrooms. These ADA-compliant units must use hinged or magnetic doors to make them easier to close.

Additionally, they should have reinforced interior grab bars and a reinforced structure. They should display a sign outside the bathrooms stating that it complies with the ADA, typically featuring a blue wheelchair sign with Braille. Finally, there should be enough room inside to make a 360-degree turn.

ADA Restrooms Are Also Great for Families

In addition to fulfilling your legal obligations, you might also consider the roomier ADA-compliant restrooms if you’re expecting a lot of families with small children to attend your event. The extra room makes it easier to fit multiple kids in the same stall or even strollers if they need to. You never know when a frantic parent will need to bring their children in with them to keep them safe while using the bathroom or attend to an unexpected mess.

What Location Are You Setting Up At?

When it comes to what sorts of portable bathrooms you may set up and how many you wish to place, open-ended settings like public parks and big plots of private property will have relatively few limits. However, in smaller spaces such as parking lots and backyards, you’ll need to think carefully about the constraints you’re dealing with. You should also consider whether you will be able to move the units you rent throughout the day, if need be, to open additional room.

If you’re working with a limited amount of space, consider restroom trailers with many stalls. These units are compact enough to fit into tight spaces and allow multiple people to use them simultaneously while enjoying many of the same amenities they would find at home. You can also use conventional porta-potties; you’ll simply have to be extra considerate about where you put them in relation to other units and the environment.

We hope this guide has taught you how to determine which kinds of portable restrooms you need for your next big outdoor event or construction site. Floods Royal Flush offers high-quality, ADA-compliant portable restrooms that help ensure you can accommodate people’s needs from all walks of life while ensuring you’re following all laws and regulations.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have about our units and get a free quote today.

How To Determine Which Kinds of Portable Restrooms You Need

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