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3 Ways To Keep Porta-Potties Warm During Winter

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3 Ways To Keep Porta-Potties Warm During Winter

The biting chill of winter weather can feel extra nippy when you lock yourself inside the confines of a portable restroom. Luckily, there are different practices you can apply to help keep Jack Frost out of your rental units as much as possible. Continue reading to discover three different ways to keep porta-potties warm during winter.

Position Porta-Potties at Just the Right Spot

The location of your porta-potties relative to the sun will heavily influence the temperature inside of them. Since winter days are short, getting sunlight inside of them is essential Use as much of the sun’s warmth as you can to warm them throughout the day.

If you’re familiar with the area, put the porta-potties in areas that you know stay bright all day. Avoid structures that may shadow the porta-potties during the day, causing them to cool down and waste sunlight. Except for unexpected cloud covering, areas with no close buildings or surrounding objects function best.

Shield Units From the Wind As Much as Possible

Since frigid air reduces the temperature of everything it touches, the temperature in your porta potties will drop when they’re exposed to cold winds for too long. Additionally, cold air will also cause any warm air already inside the units to escape.

That’s why it’s crucial to place structures such as walls, tarps, or fences against porta-potties to reduce wind exposure without blocking sunlight. When you do this, the sun will heat the air within the unit while the barriers will protect it from the cold air outside.

Keep Snow Away

Sometimes you simply can’t predict when snowfall will occur, but you need to act right away when it does. Clear any snow away from porta-potties and the surrounding area. This will help you avoid the freezing effects of snowfall and offer you the best shot at keeping your units at a comfortable temperature.

When you’re expecting heavy snowfall but still need access to units, it may be best to try and move them underneath solid structures. While you won’t get the warmth of the sun, you’ll avoid frozen snow from rapidly cooling the interiors of your porta-potties.

Knowing these three ways to keep porta-potties warm during winter can be a significant help to keep guests and workers happy and comfortable during chilly weather. Floods Royal Flush has fantastic portable restrooms for rent in the Chicago area and beyond. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our rentals.

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