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3 Reasons To Rent Portable Handwashing Stations

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3 Reasons To Rent Portable Handwashing Stations

Proper hygiene has never been more critical than it is now. When you’re hosting an outdoor event or setting up a job site, having portable sinks available for people to wash their hands can be an absolute necessity. Look below to discover three reasons to rent portable handwashing stations.

Everyone Can Follow Safe and Responsible Hygiene Practices

The most important reason to have handwashing stations available is that it allows people to keep their hands clean throughout the day. The more convenient you make washing hands for people, the more likely they’ll be to scrub them after eating, sneezing, touching unsanitary surfaces. They’ll also be able to wash their hands before they get in situations where germs can build up. By making it easier to practice good hygiene, you can help stop the spread of harmful microbes that would otherwise go unfettered.

People Will Know You Care About Their Wellbeing

Just the sight of handwashing stations positioned around your event can help calm people down and let them know you’re doing everything you can to look after their health. This is essential if you’re hoping to draw in as many people as possible while providing a safe and secure environment for them to be in. The less stressed people are about hygiene standards, the more they’ll be able to relax and enjoy themselves.

They’re Incredibly Convenient and Save Money

Permanent sinks can be costly to install since they require substantial piping and plumbing work. There’s also the expense of all the necessary materials. Conversely, portable sink units are highly affordable, and you only need to rent them out as needed. Additionally, you can pick them up and move them around if you think another location works better.

The above three reasons to rent portable handwashing stations illustrate the versatility and convenience of these units. The next time you’re organizing an outdoor event, let Floods Royal Flush handle all your portable sink rental needs along with porta-potties and restroom trailers. Feel free to contact us today.

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