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3 Tips for Purchasing the Correct Size Holding Tank

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3 Tips for Purchasing the Correct Size Holding Tank

Installing porta-potties at your outdoor event is very much a fantastic way to satisfy people’s restroom needs. Consider adding holding tanks to your rental for larger gatherings or events that last for prolonged periods. Continue reading below to discover three tips for purchasing the correct size holding tank. With these, you can ensure you’re able to take care of your guests and workers effectively.

Figure Out How Many People Are Coming

Perhaps the most critical question you need to answer is how many people you expect to attend your event. For example, festivals and music concerts can draw thousands of people in a single day, and your porta potties can rapidly become overburdened if you don’t regularly service them or have enough tanks. You’ll want larger tanks that can hold lots of waste before needing removal. Getting these will reduce the need to shut down portable bathrooms for cleaning.

Smaller, more private parties, such as company picnics, may just require one 300-gallon tank to handle the wastewater for the whole day. In these situations, a portable toilet tank will help keep restrooms fresh and clean during the event.

Know How Long Your Event Lasts

You can determine the size and quantity of tanks you need by the duration of your event. For example, even a small construction crew of 10 people may need a holding tank if they’re working on the same site for over a week or longer. In this scenario, the tank will help with environmental protection and reduce odors when they’re outside in the heat.

Larger holding tanks are also necessary for bigger events, such as street festivals, which draw large crowds over numerous days. Larger tanks serve to prolong the time between portable restroom cleanings. As a result, you’ll be able to dedicate your resources to crowd control better.

Don’t Overthink Things

You may become stretched thin with the responsibilities you have to complete on the day of your event, whether you’re a business owner organizing a corporate function or playing various roles that include hosting. Investing in a large holding tank allows you to set it and forget it during the event. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your guests and employees will have clean and hygienic facilities during the event, allowing you to focus on more primary concerns.

Holding tanks from Floods Royal Flush allows you to deliver high-quality bathroom services while ensuring that portable bathrooms stay sanitary for your guests and personnel for longer. Keeping these three tips for purchasing the correct holding tank size can help you accommodate everyone’s needs on the day of your event. Feel free to contact us today and get a free quote on our products and services.

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