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How Eco-Friendly Are Hand Washing Stations?

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How Eco-Friendly Are Hand Washing Stations?

Handwashing stations are beneficial for so many reasons. These units are cost effective and mobile, but most of all, they are a huge benefit to the environment. Taking care of this beautiful planet needs to be a priority for everyone. And doing so with simple everyday tasks is ideal. Let us tell you how eco-friendly handwashing stations are.

Lowers Bacterial Count

It’s no secret that washing hands kills germs. Soap and water are very powerful tools, and fewer germs mean less risk of sickness, viruses, and disease spreading. Think about all the germs your hands hold and how many times a day you touch your face.

But these units do more than clean hands. They also clean contaminated food before people eat it. For example, if you’re working on a construction site and need to wash a piece of fruit before eating, the sinks are right there for anyone to use.

Uses Recycled Water

In addition to the lower bacteria count, the water used in the sinks doesn’t require a plumbing system. The water used from the stations is filtered through a locally made recycling system that uses charcoal, gravel, and sand in different compartments.

Water is essential to our daily lives. While the world won’t run out of water, fresh water is still a limited resource for everyone. Water conservation is an important factor for the environment, and the stations provide more opportunities for people to preserve this crucial resource.

Offers Convenience

Since you don’t need to hook up the stations to plumbing systems, the sinks can travel from site to site. They don’t require extra work, time, or materials to hook up. These stations are mobile, offering convenience to anyone who needs them.

We have portable sink rentals that fit at several locations. If you need them for construction sites, festivals, or parks, we can supply them. At Floods Royal Flush, we know the importance of keeping hands clean and stopping the spread of unwanted germs.

Handwashing stations are incredibly eco-friendly. And because they offer so many benefits, you can use them to make the world a cleaner and safer place. For more information, visit our website.

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