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3 Great Reasons To Rent a Holding Tank for Your Event

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3 Great Reasons To Rent a Holding Tank for Your Event

The weather is getting warmer, and outdoor activities like festivals, block parties, and concerts will soon be underway. These events require proper restroom facilities and all the things that come with them. If you’re planning an event this season, here are three great reasons to rent a holding tank for it.

Keeps Things Clean

Holding tanks keep things clean inside porta potties. No one wants to enter a portable restroom unit where the toilet is overflowing. Holding tanks come in several different sizes, so they can hold large amounts of wastewater.

The largest tank can hold about 300 gallons, which is essential for events like outdoor concerts and large festivals. A tank will keep wastewater away from the restroom and the outside. You won’t need to worry about anything leaking from the porta potties and contaminating the environment by ending up on the ground.

Keeps Things Fresh

Holding tanks keep things fresh, too. When wastewater is stored in a tank, it locks away the smell too. Portable toilets use detergents to mask odors, and a holding tank is a good backup tool.

Think of them like a sidekick, cleaning up the rest of the mess the original agent missed. With holding tanks in place, people will smell the blue detergent more than the wastewater. The surrounding area won’t smell like a sewer, and people won’t be afraid to approach the bathrooms.

Keeps Things Going

The most important thing holding tanks do is keep the party going by expanding your service time. You won’t have to worry about emptying and cleaning out the porta potties or putting a halt to the festivities.

Their depth also makes things easier to manage. It eliminates any possibility of inconveniencing your guests, forcing them to wait to use the bathroom while you and your staff service it. With a toilet holding tank, your attention goes to other important areas.

Do you believe us now? At Floods Royal Flush, we’re experts on all things bathroom related, and we would never steer you wrong. Your event needs a holding tank.

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