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6 Reasons Holding Tanks Are Good for the Environment

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6 Reasons Holding Tanks Are Good for the Environment

We love a good porta-potty, and more importantly, we love a good holding tank with said porta-potty. The two may not sound so appealing to everyone, but the benefits are actually great. Holding tanks play a major role in helping to sustain the ecosystem and protect the earth. Here are six reasons holding tanks are good for the environment.

They Manage Waste

The best thing about holding tanks is their capacity. Think about how many times a human flushes the toilet a day. The average household has several flushes a day, each of which could use about seven gallons of water per flush. Now imagine what that number would look like for an outdoor event.

We would hate to see what those numbers look like. But holding tanks eliminate that issue. They hold the waste instead of constantly flushing it down the toilet. And the tanks are large enough that they can withstand many people frequenting the unit in a span of hours.

Event organizers don’t need to dump the waste immediately or worry about it leaking and seeping out of the tank. Trust us when we say it’ll hold to the end of the event. Plus, you don’t want to worry about dumping the waste while enjoying the event. Keep your focus on the party, and let the holding tank do the heavy lifting.

They Preserve Water

Speaking of preserving flushes, the world is in desperate need of water. The planet as a whole will never run out of water. However, it’s crucial to remember clean freshwater isn’t always available where and when humans need it.

Everyone needs to do all they can to preserve the water we have now, even if that means managing wastewater better. Holding tanks contain all that wastewater and prevent it from spreading throughout surrounding drain fields. They help preserve the freshwater the world currently has.

They’re sturdy plastic containers that effectively hold gallons of water without worrying about one drop leaking out. Conduct a thorough inspection of the tanks beforehand to ensure there are no cracks or other signs of damage on the inside.

They Prevent Germ Spreading

Remember what we said about porta-potties getting a bad rep? Part of the stigma around these units is due to the smell and the spreading of germs and diseases that people associate with them. That’s understandable. However, holding tanks can help with these very issues.

Just as the tanks hold in the wastewater, they hold in most of those germs too. Bacteria that can easily spread go inside the holding tank. This isn’t to say the units are 100-percent clean. You’ll still need to perform proper maintenance on them to prevent further germ spreading.

However, holding tanks make the job a little easier for everyone involved. Consider them the units that take one for the team. They’re good friends to have on your side. Porta potties can hold Salmonella, Norovirus, Shigella, and Hepatovirus A. Talk about uninvited guests. Holding tanks keep these bacteria from contact with people and make their spread less likely.

They Eliminate Foul Odors

Not only do holding tanks help stop the spread of germs, but they also halt the spreading of foul odors and carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide emissions right now are the main driver of climate change.

If you’re wondering why it never really feels like spring when it should, blame it on carbon dioxide. But don’t blame it on holding tanks because they contain those gases and prevent them from releasing into the atmosphere. The tanks don’t require any distinct processes and can deploy on any surface.

The blue liquid inside the tanks can’t do all the work by itself to keep the portable restrooms smelling fresh. The durability of the tanks helps ensure that nothing seeps out. Consider airing the units out every few hours too. This will also help eliminate the smell.

They Make Cleanup Easier

Think about all the cleaning supplies you need to clean your bathroom. Now think about how you would tackle a porta-potty. Humans don’t often think about the amount of cleaning-product waste they generate when working to sanitize places. Misuse of wipes, paper towels, and non-environmentally friendly cleaning supplies works to harm the planet. We don’t want to discourage people from cleaning portable restrooms. But we do want to encourage them to clean with the world in mind.

Holding tanks make clean up easier because you don’t need to go to in every hour on the hour armed with your cleaning supplies. It’s a much more efficient and eco-friendly process. The mess isn’t non-existent, but the holding tank helps keep it maintained, and that’s what counts. You’ll save on supplies and generate less waste. Even if most of those supplies are recyclable, it’s always better to reduce the amount you use.

They Simplify Disposal and Are Recyclable

You might think disposing of and releasing the waste from these tanks in an eco-friendly manner is difficult, but it’s not. Here’s why: we come to you! You read that right. You don’t need to worry about finding a facility or stationing the tanks directly above a sewer. In fact, we prefer that you don’t do that.

Here at Floods Royal Flush, we come and hook up the septic tank rental to our trucks with a suction hose and suck all the wastewater out. From there, we dispose of it all at the plants and facilities that manage waste. It’s a very straightforward and clean-cut process.

Plus, there’s no worry about manufacturing entirely new tanks. They’re all 100-percent reusable. After a thorough wipe and rub down, they’ll be good to go.

We’re big on helping our customers throw outdoor events or better manage their construction sites. We rent out porta-potties, holding tanks, and hand sanitizing stations, which are all essential elements for a party and job site. Not only are we big on helping our customers, but we care about the environment too. Holding tanks are good for this. For more information, visit our website.

6 Reasons Holding Tanks Are Good for the Environment

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