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Why You Should Rent a Portable Hand Sanitizer Station

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Why You Should Rent a Portable Hand Sanitizer Station

Portable bathrooms are nothing without a portable hand sanitizer station. No restrooms should exist without a sink to wash your hands afterward. So if you plan to rent a set of portable bathrooms, then you need to rent some portable hand sanitizer stations to go along with them. We can tell you why.

What Is a Portable Hand Sanitizer Station?

A portable hand sanitizer station sounds plenty self-explanatory. It’s a device to clean and sanitize your hands after using the restroom or for any reason. Manufacturers designed the station to regulate the amount of sanitizer gel discharged for immediate use.

Depending on your location for your event or working site, you might not have access to water, so the portable hand sanitizer station acts as the perfect substitute. You can place it where you like and station multiples around whatever event you’re hosting. Or, if you have a construction crew, you can put these stations around the site.

You’ve probably seen these stations in places outside of construction sites and outdoor events. Recently, businesses and corporations have taken to placing them in their establishments. Fast food restaurants and grocery stores have them stationed right at their front entrances.

The best part about the station is that it’s portable. As opposed to portable sinks, these stations operate in a different way. They still eliminate germs, but without the use of water.

How Does It Work?

Depending on the type of device you rent, you might need to dispense the sanitizer manually, or it can come out automatically. Regardless of what style you choose to go with, you still need to place your hands below the nozzle.

Manufacturers designed the device to dispense the right amount of sanitizer for each use. This way, you don’t need to concern yourself about using too much or too little. Each pump gives you the exact amount you need to eliminate any germs or keeps your hands clean for an extended period.

Different Types of Hand Sanitizer Stations

When considering renting a hand sanitizer station, you can choose from two options: automatic or manual. Both options get the job done, but one might sound more appealing to you than the other. Consider the reason why you need the stations to help you decide which to choose.


Many companies have taken to the automatic style because it maximizes the sanitation option. You don’t have to press your hands where so many others have touched already. You can simply place your hand below the dispenser, and the sensor will go off. This action immediately alerts the device that it needs to activate.

The dispenser then releases hand sanitizer into your palm and saves you the trouble of doing any work. Granted, the hand sanitizer would eliminate any germs you may have gathered from pumping it manually, but why even touch those germs in the first place?


As far as the manual option goes, you’ll need to pump on the dispenser so that the sanitizer gets released into your hands. This option is just as common as the automatic one, but people can have reservations about it because of the direct contact.

Fortunately, you can use this device without having to be so hands-on. Some of the manual ones come with the pump at the bottom of the device. You can use your foot to pump the dispenser and release sanitizer into your hands that way. You avoid the hand contact problem altogether with this design.

Reasons To Rent Hand Sanitizer Stations

Hand sanitizing and cleanliness have never been more important than they are today. You need these stations to stop the spread of germs, and here at Flood Royal Flush, we understand the severity of this need. Rent our sanitizer stations so that you can protect the health and safety of all your guests or workers.

You might have too many toilets and not enough sinks. This can turn into a real tragedy fast. The hand sanitizer station works as the perfect substitute because it eliminates the same percentage of germs as soap and water. Here are some more reasons to get these stations.

Constant Sanitation

Using the bathroom should not be the only reason people need a portable hand sanitizer station. If you’re hosting an event, then you need these stationed everywhere. Your guests will have access to cleaning their hands whenever they feel it’s necessary.

Maybe they want to clean their hands before and after a meal, or perhaps they just got done playing a game that caused their hands to get dirty. The sanitizer gel will eliminate any grime and germs remaining on their hands.

Environmentally Friendly

While you keep your hands clean, you can also do your part in keeping the environment safe. Portable sinks and bathroom sinks use water. Instead of using too much water as people constantly wash their hands, you can use portable hand sanitizer stations.

The elimination of germs also benefits the environment. The sanitizer kills almost all germs and prevents bacteria from spreading throughout your event. Certain kinds of bacteria from bathrooms can cause salmonella, hepatitis A, and even the flu.

The CDC Approves

If the CDC approves, that’s a sign that a practice is pretty good. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms that hand sanitizer use helps keep people in good health. Their guidance has been highly useful recently due to the pandemic.

The CDC has recorded deaths from the flu and noted that hand sanitizer has helped prevent the spread of the disease. You never want to invite germs to the party. If you want to keep things safe, you need to put these sanitizer stations throughout your event area. The same goes for any construction sites you work on.


You want to continue to promote a clean and safe environment, and having these portable hand sanitizer stations will help you accomplish this goal. Manufacturers design these devices so that they’re easy for anyone to operate. Even children can better protect themselves from germs as a result.

Our stations hold four dispensers and are good for a great many uses. Now that you know why you should rent portable hand sanitizer stations, you should visit our website and see the deals we offer.

Why You Should Rent a Portable Hand Sanitizer Station

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