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3 Ways To Prepare Your Portable Toilets for Bad Weather

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3 Ways To Prepare Your Portable Toilets for Bad Weather

You don’t really have the option of placing your portable toilets in an enclosed space once the weather takes a turn for the worse. They reside outdoors, so they are susceptible to all sorts of possible disasters. It’s your job to anticipate the worse, and you can prepare your portable toilets for bad weather in three easy ways.

Choose the Right Location

When it comes to porta-potties, it’s best to treat them like real estate. It’s all about location, location, location! Bad weather can mean several things, but you can bet high and powerful winds will be associated with inclement weather. No one wants to see portable restrooms flying in the sky, and no one wants to deal with them tipping over.

Find a spot that shelters the porta-potty from strong winds and heavy rain. For high winds, place the porta-potty near a bathroom, but don’t block any traffic. For heavy rain, it’s best to choose a high and dry location. Never place your portable restrooms in areas that flood. Lastly, avoid mud at all costs.

Ensure They’re Stationary

Location can only help you so much. Mother nature has a way of getting what she wants, so you need to be prepared. You need to ensure your portable restroom is stationary and bolted to the ground. This extra measure will prevent the possibility of the porta-potty tipping over.

If this is your first time acquiring portable toilet rentals, check with the professionals on how you can anchor them to the ground. Here at Floods Royal Flush, we can provide you with guidance and complete the task for you.

Do Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

If worse comes to worst and bolting or proper placement does not get the job done, you need to prepare for potential damage. Keeping your portable restrooms clean with regular maintenance prevents you from doing any extra clean-up. Tipped toilets mean leakage and spilled waste.

That’s not something you want to deal with, so if you know bad weather is approaching, clean the porta-potties beforehand. Regular maintenance adds extra protection because your providers can check for any current damages that could escalate. We can warn you ahead of time if you need to replace something in the portable restroom or get a new one altogether.

We want to make sure you do as little work as possible when it comes to your porta-potties. These three ways to prepare your portable toilets for bad weather will ensure just that. For more information visit our website.

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