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Why You Need Special Toilet Paper for Porta Potties

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Why You Need Special Toilet Paper for Porta Potties

You might wonder why you need special toilet paper for porta potties. This question often pops up when preparing for camping trips, outdoor events, or jobs on construction sites. Keep reading to find out why special toilet paper is important when renting a portable toilet.

Is Special Toilet Paper Really Necessary?

First things first, the short answer is yes—special toilet paper is indeed necessary for porta potties. You might think that it’s a marketing gimmick, but the reasons behind it are solid. The main reason is to maintain the efficiency of the porta-potty system and ensure its longevity.

Why Do Porta Potties Need Special Toilet Paper?

Porta potties use a different waste management system than your home toilet. They don’t have the luxury of a sewage system that can handle various kinds of waste. Instead, they rely on a self-contained tank that needs regular servicing.

The special toilet paper designed for porta potties breaks down quicker than regular toilet paper. It’s more biodegradable, which means it dissolves faster in the holding tank. Its dissolvability makes it easier to pump out the waste during servicing.

Using regular toilet paper can lead to blockages and make the cleaning process more difficult. It also increases the risk of damage to the porta potty’s interior mechanisms. So, while it may seem like an insignificant detail, using special toilet paper contributes significantly to a porta-potty’s smooth operation.

Characteristics of Porta Potty Toilet Paper

Special toilet paper for porta potties isn’t solely about biodegradability. It’s also softer and thinner than regular toilet paper. Despite being thin, it’s still comfortable to use.

Moreover, most porta-potty toilet paper comes in single-ply sheets. This type of toilet paper dissolves faster than its double-ply counterpart. However, despite being single-ply, it’s still strong and won’t tear easily during use.

It’s clear to see why you need special toilet paper for porta potties. It helps maintain the efficiency of the portable restroom and provides a comfortable experience for users.

So, remember to book a rental with Floods Royal Flush the next time you plan an outdoor event or go camping. We’ll make sure you have the right toilet paper and sanitation products for your latest adventure!

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