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Why Outdoor Hand Hygiene Is Important

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Why Outdoor Hand Hygiene Is Important

Good hand hygiene is one of the most basic and low-cost strategies to prevent and contain the transmission of germs. However, for certain occasions, such as outdoor events and construction job sites, you may not have a reliable handwashing facility nearby or have access to running water. In these cases, you should consider renting a portable hand sanitizing station. Keep reading to learn why outdoor hand hygiene is important.


Proper Hand Hygiene is Essential

One of the important actions we can take to avoid getting sick and transmitting germs to others is to keep our hands clean. According to the CDC, germs can transfer from other persons or surfaces when you do the following:

  • Touching your eyes, nose, and mouth before washing your hands.
  • Handling and preparing food and drink without washing your hands.
  • Touching a contaminated surface.
  • Touch other people’s hands or objects after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing into your hands.

By sanitizing your hands often, you can help to keep yourself and others healthy and safe.


Why Portable Hand Sanitizing Stations Are Important

If you are hosting an event or managing a job site, it is crucial guests and workers can effectively wash their hands. If there isn’t running water or access to indoor washing stations, you will need to rent portable hand sanitizing stations to meet people’s hand hygiene requirements. Portable hand sanitizing stations can be the first line of defense to prevent germs from spreading. These mobile stations have numerous other benefits as well, including the following:

  • People are more likely to keep their hands constantly clean when they continually pass by a place to sanitize their hands.
  • People will feel safer and more comfortable knowing that event organizers are doing everything they can to reduce the spread of germs.
  • We might not have time to get to the bathroom after sneezing or coughing to clean our hands. When sanitizing stations are in social places, people can keep their hands clean even when they are on the move.
  • Whenever construction workers are on the job, they encounter various hazards, and pathogenic bacteria is one of the most severe threats they face. Sanitizing stations help lower their risk of health complications.


The biggest reason why outdoor hand hygiene is important is that keeping your employees and guests hands clean keeps them healthy and safe.. When you’re looking to keep people safe and healthy, Floods Royal Flush offers high-quality hand sanitizer stand rentals to satisfy people’s hand hygiene requirements. Feel free to contact us for a rental quote today.




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