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When Do You Need Holding Tanks for Portable Restrooms?

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When Do You Need Holding Tanks for Portable Restrooms?

It’s crucial to have the correct number of portable restrooms for outdoor occasions and job sites. However, depending on the size and length of the event, you might want to consider adding holding tanks to your rentals. Read on to learn when you need holding tanks for portable restrooms.

What Is a Holding Tank?

Septic tanks, also known as holding tanks, are containers that professionals install alongside portable toilets. Their primary role is to collect and store waste and sewage released inside portable bathrooms. The tanks allow you to go a much longer time without needing to empty the unit. Essentially, porta-potties that have holding tanks can last days without anyone needing to remove the waste. This is significant since regular portable toilets may need service after several hours.

What Are the Benefits?

A standard portable toilet can fill up quickly, even at small gatherings. After a relatively short time, you need to have it serviced to remove the waste safely and make the restroom useable again. With a holding tank attached, the waste moves away from the toilet. Therefore, people can use it continuously.

The tanks come in various sizes, including 250- and 300-gallon ones, depending on your expected needs. The holding tanks are much easier and quicker to drain, which can be crucial at large events where any downtime can cause extremely long lines to form. You also keep porta-potties smelling much fresher since bacteria have less room to grow.

When To Use Holding Tanks

So, when do you need holding tanks for portable restrooms? Use them whenever you don’t have access to proper sewage treatment. For large events or long-term job sites, holding tanks are virtually absolute necessities. This is especially true for ones that last for extended periods and multiple days. They prevent you from constantly needing to empty the tanks. Also, when you know the weather will be hot, holding tanks reduce foul odors that can quickly build up in heated, humid conditions.

Floods Royal Flush offers portable toilet holding tank rentals to pair with our portable toilets for your next big event. These tanks are functional, discreet, and safe, giving workers and visitors at the venue peace of mind. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.

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