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Do You Need a Permit for a Portable Toilet Rental?

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Do You Need a Permit for a Portable Toilet Rental?

Portable toilets are perfect for providing restrooms at outdoor events and job sites. Before going through the process of renting units, though, you’ll want to be aware of any rules and regulations regarding porta-potty and portable restroom trailer installation. Read on to learn the answer to the question, “Do you need a permit for a portable toilet rental?”

Where Are You Hosting Your Event?

There will be a significant difference in the laws and ordinances you need to follow depending on whether an event will take place on private or public property. Regulations will be vastly different when you’re organizing an event like a wedding that takes place entirely on a private winery versus hosting a family reunion inside of a public park. If you’re renting portable toilets for a job site, there could even be additional regulations you need to be aware of.

Do You Need a Permit?

While there may be some exceptions, you’ll essentially never need a permit if you’re placing portable toilets on private land. Before placing a portable restroom on a place like a public sidewalk, though, you will most likely need a permit. Even if your event is on private property, you may still have to have a certain number of ADA-compliant portable restrooms on the premises.

Do You Require a Portable Toilet at a Job Site?

For construction sites, Illinois requires that the workers have access to suitable bathroom facilities. Laws often mandate portable toilets for places where there are no enclosed facilities that can safely discharge waste into the sewer. Many local ordinances will also require a portable toilet to be installed—or ordered and on its way—before an inspection may begin.

Whether you need a permit for a portable toilet rental depends on whether you’ll install it on public or private property. Always double-check with local laws in these cases.

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