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What To Do if Your Porta Potty Rental Tips Over

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A red porta potty with a white top located in a residential neighborhood. The unit has tipped over and the door is open.

Imagine you’re at a bustling outdoor event when suddenly, the unthinkable happens—your rented porta potty takes a tumble! While this might sound like the setup for a slapstick comedy, it’s a situation that requires swift and smart handling to keep everything hygienic and safe. Here’s an informative guide on what to do if your porta potty rental tips over.

Contact Your Service Professional Right Away

First, when your porta potty rental falls flat on its face, speed dial your rental company. It’s crucial to let the pros handle the cleanup because they’re equipped with the right tools and know-how to manage these mishaps safely. This is not the time for DIY heroics—rely on the experts to solve the problem efficiently and hygienically.

Send Pictures of the Porta Potty and Give Your Location

While you’re on the phone with the rental company, take a few snapshots of the fallen porta potty to send over to them. This visual aid will help them assess the situation and prepare for cleanup with the necessary equipment. Also, confirm your exact location to avoid any delays. Whether you’re in a remote field or at a city park, every minute counts in getting the area back to a usable state.

Don’t Try To Stand It Up on Your Own

You might feel tempted to just pull the porta potty back up and pretend nothing happened. Resist this urge! Trying to upright a porta potty on your own can lead to further spills or, worse, personal injury. Porta potties contain chemicals and waste that are hazardous, and mishandling can increase the risk of contamination and accidents.

Block Off the Area Until Help Arrives

To protect everyone’s safety and keep the mishap contained, block off the area around the tipped porta potty. Use whatever you have—cones, tape, or even a human chain—to keep people away from the spill. Taking these steps will help you manage the situation better and prevent any health risks associated with accidental waste contact.

Let the Rental Company Take Care of the Situation

Once the professionals arrive, let them take over. They will have the proper gear and expertise to lift the porta potty back to an upright position and sanitize the area. Watching them handle the situation might tempt you to act, but it’s best to keep a safe distance and let them do their job.

Now you know what to do if your porta potty rental tips over and causes a stir at your event. Contact your service provider immediately, give them all necessary information, and let them handle the heavy lifting.

Remember, safety comes first, so steer clear of DIY fixes and keep everyone at a safe distance until the professionals from Floods Royal Flush have your porta potty ready for use again. This way, you can quickly get back to enjoying your event with one less worry.

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