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Benefits of Renting vs. Making a Handwashing Station

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Benefits of Renting vs. Making a Handwashing Station

Establishing hygiene standards at your next event is essential for everyone’s health and safety. However, installing handwashing stations on your own can feel like a major inconvenience.

Fortunately, you can rent a handwashing station rather than make one yourself. From cost savings to compliance with health and safety standards, renting is often more convenient and reliable. Let’s explore the benefits of renting versus making a handwashing station.

More Cost-Effective

Renting a handwashing station is more cost-effective than building one. The costs of materials, tools, and the time you’d spend on construction can quickly add up. Meanwhile, rental companies provide a ready-to-use station at a fraction of the cost, eliminating hidden expenses like maintenance or storage.

Less of a Time Investment

Making a handwashing station from scratch requires purchasing materials and a significant time commitment. Renting saves all that time and gives you a station ready for immediate use, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your event or project.

Flexible Availability

Renting gives you handwashing stations only when you need them. This flexibility is particularly useful for seasonal events or temporary projects. Rental companies can deliver and set up the stations exactly when and where you need them and remove them once your need ends.

Stronger Quality and Durability

Rental companies typically maintain their equipment to a high standard. They ensure their handwashing stations are of good quality and can withstand regular use without issues. You’ll receive a reliable product without the issue of wear and tear.

Guaranteed Health and Safety Compliance

If you’re throwing an event, you’ll have to comply with local health and safety regulations. A quality handwashing station rental company will provide equipment that automatically complies with these regulations.

Less Maintenance and Upkeep on Your Part

When you rent a handwashing station, the rental company is responsible for its maintenance and upkeep. Professional technicians will handle any issues that arise, which means less hassle for you. You can direct your focus to the event or job at hand, knowing that your handwashing stations can fulfill your event’s sanitation needs.

As shown, there are many benefits of renting versus making a handwashing station. Whether for cost savings, convenience, or health standards compliance, renting can provide high-quality, reliable solutions. If you want to rent a portable hand washing station, Floods Royal Flush has the equipment you’ll need to make your next event a breeze!

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