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Reasons to Rent Hand Hygiene Stations for Outdoor Events

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Reasons to Rent Hand Hygiene Stations for Outdoor Events

The few minutes you spend scrubbing your hands with soap and water can prevent disease and make everything you touch much cleaner, as you won’t deposit dirt onto those surfaces. You can do your part to keep people healthier and ensure good hygiene is on everyone’s minds by offering hand wash stations at your next outdoor event. While portable restrooms have small sink fixtures, not everyone who needs or wants to wash their hands has to use a restroom. We cover several reasons to rent hand hygiene stations for outdoor events.

Germ Control

First and foremost is general germ control. If someone sneezes or coughs into their hands, they’ll need to wash their hands with soap and water to ensure they don’t transfer germs from their hands to other surfaces (handkerchiefs and tissues are helpful but not impervious barriers). Many people prefer to wash their hands regularly to remove germs they might have picked up from other surfaces.

Post-Pandemic Reminders

The pandemic revealed that a lot of people needed to be reminded of how to wash their hands. That wasn’t a pleasant discovery, but the good news is that more people started washing their hands regularly as a result. Don’t let those gains slip away; keep hand hygiene on people’s minds by placing hand wash stations in visible spots around the event grounds. If people see the stations, they should be more likely to use them.

Reducing Sticky Food Residue

Will your outdoor event have food and drinks? Chances are some of it will be sticky—think barbecued ribs or refreshing sodas. Napkins alone aren’t enough to remove all the residue from hands, and not everyone will have hand wipes with them. Hand wash stations let people get rid of that residue.

Cleaning up After Pets and Kids

The final reason to rent hand hygiene stations for your outdoor event is pets and kids—enough said. Whether someone just received a friendly hello from a dog or the kids end up playing in the dirt, families and pet owners attending the event will need some way to wash up.

If you want to find portable hand wash stations for rent, look no further than Floods Royal Flush. The company offers portable restrooms, hand wash stations, hand sanitizing stations, and more, including ADA-compliant equipment. Give your event’s attendees a way to stay clean by supplying hand wash stations throughout the premises.

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