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Practical Ways To Keep Your Portable Restroom Fresh

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It can be a challenge to keep a portable restroom fresh and tidy. However, when installing portable bathrooms for people, you can use various techniques to guarantee that each bathroom remains pleasant and sanitary after constant usage. Look below to find practical ways to keep your portable restroom fresh.

Keep Restroom Doors Open When Not in Use

After prolonged usage, the air inside the porta-potties can get stale. If you rent portable bathrooms for multiple days or have any downtime between use, prop the doors open to allow fresh air to circulate inside. Even leaving the door open for a half-hour can have a significant impact on freshness.

Have Enough Restrooms

You should do your best to estimate the number of people attending your event to determine how many bathrooms to reserve. The more porta-potties you rent, the more you can spread out the usage of each unit, allowing them to stay fresher for longer. You should also make sure that you are not grouping too many together but are spacing them out between high and low traffic locations.

Keep Them Stocked

Make sure each unit is well-stocked with toilet paper, hand sanitizer solutions, and air fresheners so you can quickly replace them as needed. Regardless of how frequently your guests use them, all your porta potties should be inspected regularly. The faster you can solve any issues, the better your portable restrooms can serve guests.

Clean Commonly Touched Surfaces Regularly

You’ll need to focus on the most frequently touched surfaces, also known as touchpoints, because they can become filthy faster than others. Touchpoints, including door handles, hand sanitizer dispensers, and toilet paper holders, should be cleaned and disinfected as frequently as possible. Use a powerful cleaning solution that reliably eliminates germs and bacteria.

Floods Royal Flush’s portable restroom trailer rentals in Chicago are the ideal solution for any outdoor event, festival, or construction site when comfort and adaptability are essential. With these practical ways to keep your portable restroom fresh, you can ensure that people are satisfied when they walk in and out of these facilities. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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